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The song of the artist Bakr Al-Hashemi: We book the best trip 2022

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New artist Bakr Al-Hashemi Today, the artist Bakr Al-Hashemi released his new song entitled “We Book the Best Journey”, which is from his words, pub and singing. What is it but to return after a break as a singer from the artistic scene? His last work was in 2019, where he released a song entitled No to Come Back, and it achieved a very wide spread, and now he returns with his new work, we book the best trip and the next is more and more
You can also follow everything new by the artist Bakr Al-Hashemi on his official and only account on the Instagram platform

The artist Bakr Al-Hashemi confirmed the existence of a variety of works coming from his singing, his words and his tavern, including a work entitled “All the story is a romantic work, a true story that the artist lived in this year.” He confirmed the existence of a very large number of meaningful and loving songs
He confirmed that his first supporter is his mother, and he is the first to believe in his voice and his inimitable talent, and she constantly told him that she wishes him good luck and a successful career, and that the artist Bakr Al-Hashemi confirmed that there are works, most of which he lived in his life and from his life inspired him to write about her and her details, even the smallest details, he reminded her of weight and rhyme
He also confirmed that there are a huge number of upcoming songs because she is a sound engineer, writer and composer, and not just a singer.

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