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The rise of social media hiring and its pitfalls: Arghya Sarkar, CEO : Recruitment Mantra

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Brandpreneur Arghya Sarkar is the ingenious mind behind Recruitment Mantra (, a pioneer solution for sourcing the best possible talent and their smooth onboarding and retention. The recent hiring trends have made it convenient for recruiters to identify talent with as little investment as possible via social media platforms. Arghya Sarkar shares his thoughts on the current hiring trends and says, ” The COVID era fuelled the concept of remote hiring and onboarding in India. Permanent work from roles did exist but they weren’t offered to most business owners regardless of the money it would save. COVID pushed recruiting agencies and professionals to work towards scouting the local and regional talent and then pursuing them to strike a conversation. Permanent work from home roles rose to an all-time high but that doesn’t necessarily mean the staff inadequacy is not a problem anymore. Initiating a conversation might be very easy with possible prospects who have a lucrative work profile on social media platforms but the rest of the journey remains arduous and often ends in utter dissatisfaction.”

He adds, ” Social media platforms are easy to scout talent. LinkedIn is the most professional platform to do that but not all profiles on LinkedIn stand true to their claims. It is wise to keep the troublesome tasks of hiring and onboarding to a capable brand that specializes in almost all forms of recruitment. Prospects might show initial interest and then may move on to the next offer without informing you about the same. Counteroffers are also common where prospects showcase a higher offer and use it as a negotiation tactic. It is not wrong in my opinion but the payroll should complement the actual skillset and now negotiation tactics of the individual. Not every business can afford to compete with others who have loads of capital to complete new recruitment. 

Another problem that I have noticed is the increasing number of frauds in the name of hiring on social media platforms. Professionals are duped of money instead of a one-time deposit to partake in the interview, documentation, etc. In times of high unemployment, spending some money to score a full-time job is doable. Job seekers should see it as a red flag and immediately terminate conversation if they’re asked to deposit money to compete for the recruitment process. Scamsters are difficult to differentiate from the actual requirement officers but with small cautionary measures, both parties can stay safe.”


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