The Most Valuable Lessons Are Taught By First-hand Experiences, Not Textbooks – Julia Brickman

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We live in the twenty-first century, an era filled with innovations, exceptional learning experiences, modernization, critical thinking, lifelong learning, effective communication, and globalization. However, our education system has not changed throughout the years, with textbooks being the primary resource for learning. But do textbooks really serve as an effective teaching tool for instilling valuable skills in students? The answer is a resounding “No.” This is what Julia Brickman was convinced of, and therefore, she wanted to create resources to provide hands-on experiences to students and make learning a fun-filled process.

Julia Brickman has a strong belief that schools following a traditional teaching approach through textbooks do not cater to the specific needs of individual children. Textbooks are only a means of providing information. Learning a particular concept only happens once we delve into the topic and learn through exploration and activities designed according to individual needs. According to Julia Brickman, every child is unique, and a personalized system is the need of the hour to bring out the best in each child. Julia believes that learning is not just confined to the classroom but takes place even outside it. When children get hands-on experience and explore their environment, they can understand a particular concept better and retain it for life.

Julia Brickman is a former school teacher and a successful entrepreneur. She acquired her bachelor’s in early childhood development from Texas University, and she possesses the Texas Teaching Certification. It was during her initial experience as a teacher which made her passionate about helping educators and children with a more personalized learning approach. Julia Brickman has also been certified in MMTIC Psychological Type in Children and Teenagers, Emotional Intelligence, and has acquired a master’s in Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. She entered the world of entrepreneurship in 1999 by founding Polka Dot Design, a premiere party invitation and stationery company. After that, Julia Brickman worked as an advisor and consultant at Crowning Group, where she conducted workshops and trained people and organizations on personality type and emotional intelligence. Finally, Julia Brickman founded Skipper, an Ed-Tech startup aimed at helping families and children grow and prosper as unique individuals.

Even though we live in a modernized and technology-driven world, we need to focus more on learning by doing, and this is what Julia Brickman aims to do. Utilizing her past and extensive experiences, Julia Brickman seeks to change the way learning occurs through her company, Skipper.

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