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The Definition of Success is Constantly Changing – Brandon Washington

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The film industry has a number of legends and household names that will go down in history. The next generation of filmmakers are learning from these icons while also paving their own path to success in the industry.

Brandon Washington is a rising force in the filmmaking scene. Washington, professionally known as “Writerboy,” is the founder of a successful film studio and talent agency that has landed multinational corporate clients and has helped many young professionals launch their careers in film. At the young age of 26, he has already overcome many obstacles and hopes to use his success to give others the motivation they need to make goals a reality.

There’s no clear road to success, according to Washington. The goals you set usually require years of work and craft, and a commitment to not selling out your principles to the highest bidder, which is an alluring option for many struggling to make it big in the media world. Before forming WriterBoy Films, Brandon Washington was working on his own style from a very early age. His process began as a means of escape and creative expression, but matured to become something much larger than he ever could have imagined. By his own admission, as a younger man, the prospect of 1,000 views on YouTube was characteristic of having made it in the industry. But now, with clients like BET, Netflix, and Google, the new definition of success is constantly changing.

If you were to ask Writerboy about his inspiration, why he gets up each day and does what he needs to do, he’ll tell you without hesitation it’s his faith in Jesus. This faith has brought him through many struggles in the earlier days of his career and continues to be a driving force in his creative process. Washington finds inspiration in fellow filmmakers like Tyler Perry and Spike Lee, two men he attributes his principles to. His refusal to sell out during the tough times and to take a large buyout from larger studios is a testimony to how the likes of Perry and Lee have influenced him. This commitment, while definitely costing him at times, has helped Washington create his own style and his own clientele, without the pressure from higher ups. His dream is uniquely his own, and he’s not about to see that become subject to the agendas of a larger studio.

Through his career, his hope is to show young people seeking a career in film how to gain and keep the momentum they need to become successful. Making a living in art is a hard struggle at times, as Washington knows well. Oftentimes having been the only young black artist in the room, the reality of having to settle for lower offers and lower budgets for projects is one that he has experienced many times. Through the mentorship and friendship of several artists like Ray-J and VP of Production at Monkeypaw Productions Jamal Watson, his career was steered in the right direction through several rocky periods. It’s in this same way that Washington wants to help accelerate the careers of other young creatives and give them the inspiration and tools that they need to make it to the next level. Finding hope in his own struggles, he wouldn’t trade the life he’s been able to live for the world. The best is clearly yet to come for this young dreamer.

Washington is currently working on his most recent project, “Dream.” Set to be released in 2022, “Dream” will be released on Fandango, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

To learn more about Brandon Washington and to keep up with his work, follow him on Instagram and Youtube via the links below. 

@iamwriterboy Instagram

writerboy – YouTube

Learn more about his upcoming film, “Dream,” at his website. HOME | WriterBoyFilms


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