Suresh Mansharamani – India’s Premiere and Best Sales coach of the year to give a new direction in Indian Business

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Suresh Mansharamani is a serial entrepreneur who with his exceptional creativity and hard work made the magic happen to run multiple businesses at one time. He is India’s only renowned OKR (Objective Key Results) coach and mentor of millions of entrepreneurs, a TEDx speaker and the author of many best-selling books including ‘specific Measurable Results: Objective Key Results’; ‘Own the stage’; ‘Closing Your Sales’; ‘Super Power Networker’ and many more. Presidential Awardee Mr. Mansharamani is an investor and founder of Tajurba, a world class business networking company in Gurgaon, Haryana.
He was recently awarded the Best Sales Coach of The Year by Entrepreneur Magazine.
Needless to mention, effective mentorship and sales coaching and training is the key to long-term performance improvement and success of an organization as it is statistically proven that having a mentor is important to success that can help focus and set goals. Mr. Suresh Mansharamani is one such fervent mentor who with his practical entrepreneurial business experience had served as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time. He leaves no stone unturned in sharing wisdom on an ongoing basis with the start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can have a direct, positive impact on the growth of the business over time.
India is a country that has been observing a phenomenal growth in start-ups with focus on innovation. His Business Networking organization Tajurba aims in providing opportunity to entrepreneurs to interact with professionals, learn about each other’s businesses and share information about each other’s works. This in turn not only helps people in getting more potential clients but also helps clients with problems outside of their expertise. Mr. Mansharamani spares no effort in building a robust business along with the value of making money while being disciplined. He even helped entrepreneurs in turning out their good idea into a viable business proposition that had certainly made a difference in getting their dreams off the ground. His extraordinary sales trainings and strategies help young entrepreneurs to improve and optimize their business’s sales performance with right networks.
Even at the age of 63 his powerful personality not only inspires and motivates people to envision the ‘path to success’, his myriad of personality traits naturally entices a large crowd so that they can demonstrate a strong commitment to their goals. This not just intrigues people but brings out the best in them. His keen ability to connect to people using his humour turns out to be a great way to break the rigidity and bring the sleepers back to life. With his high level of magical confidence Mr. Mansharamani using his tools and techniques had built a successful business and received an award from the president of India at the age of 38.
In the words of Mr. Mansharamani “Currently, all young entrepreneurs believe that by reading ‘Think and grow Rich’ and following the laws of attraction are enough to accomplish all of their dreams and can become rich and they are simply thinking, thinking and thinking without any actionable steps”. He is of the view that thinking only does not help you accomplish all your goals but execution of the thoughts and plans speak more and one must turn themselves into a doer.
He feels Youth that comprises of more than 50% of population are creative and the fresh perspective young people bring to the world gives them a unique ability to think up creative solutions that can illuminate new pathways forward. He strives to provide guidance and mentorship to young entrepreneurs along with a community for entrepreneurs to reach greater heights so that he can make India a home of entrepreneurs with his platform Tajurba. He is on a mission to create more entrepreneurs like him who with their passion can drive success and excel in their business with their unique view of the world that others often don’t see.
The incredible success of Mr. Mansharamani is all the more impressive that perfectly embodies his entrepreneurial spirit and accounts him as one of the most influential entrepreneur and Best Sales Coach and Trainer of India. His special skill set to listen, understand and connect with entrepreneurs makes him stand apart from the crowd. His determination, hard work and business acumen inspires many young entrepreneurs to follow his footsteps and soar higher.
He signs off with his words “It isn’t over until I win and everybody around me wins”
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