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Selfless sewa without discrimination : How Sikh Aid helps & those in distress.

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Sikh Aid India has been active for the past Two years, even aiding protesters during difficult times. Be it setting up langars, (community meals), distributing ration kits and other essentials, the organisation has lent a helping hand during unprecedented times.
“Whenever we came across any distress situation, we found that Sikh Aid was out there, spreading values of selfless service across the people, and I knew I had to be a part of it,” Jaskirat  tells the statesman.
Sikh  Aid was one of the first to respond to the emergency. Raunak singhrecalls, “Our volunteers provided exhausted pilgrims with food and water, which was highly appreciated. Later, as part of the second phase of relief efforts, we distributed 1,000 ration kits and non-food items to the local population who were struggling to rebuild their lives post floods.”
When Kerala was hit by floods in 2018, following unexpected heavy rains, a team of Sikh  Aid India volunteers from different parts of India and the world came together to help the state.
*Relief during the pandemic* : 
Sikh  Aid India started planning and executing its relief operations during mid-March in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 20, the team addressed the need for bodysuits in Bhubaneswar , the first city in Odisha  to have a COVID-19 patient. Subsequently, 280 bodysuits were delivered to Hospital and other healthcare process. Within 45 days they distributed about 45,000 PPE kits to more than 13 cities in Punjab, Rajasthan, Mumbai, and other states.
We supplied sanitisers and masks in all districts of Punjab as well as the surrounding states of Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra (specifically Mumbai), Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh. We also provided bodysuits, sanitisers and masks to health workers in these states,” shares Raunak singh.
We have over 250 volunteers who are the backbone of our organisation. People from different walks of life and social backgrounds volunteer their time to ensure we are able to respond quickly,” says Satbir singh.
Its strong volunteer base in different states helps Sikh Aid to act swiftly in times of disasters and calamities.
“We’ve been bringing religions together, and helping them with love and service. We really hope to change perceptions of everyone – big and small, rich and poor and unite humanity as one,” he says.

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