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Remarkable Journey of Wiley Cortez To Being An Entrepreneur

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Willey Cortez is not just a name but a self made, iconic figure setting an example for youngsters and those who give up easily. He built up an empire with his relentless efforts climbing the path of success with his innovative business ideas and sensibility. Willey Cortez could earn a name as an entrepreneur at a young age facing the hardships courageously. South California is the place where he was born and brought up. His early childhood was not comfortable but offered him a life full of struggle. He channelised his hardships as learning experiences and developed himself as an accomplished businessman.

Willey Cortez has become a torch bearer for others and now he is a confidence – coach, guiding others to over come mental beariers. He is blessed with a happy married life, with wife Racial by his side being her support, and daughter Sicily is her source of inspiration to do better in all his ventures with each passing day.

He spent his nights on the streets of Los Angles,CA surrounded by gang violence, crime, black drugs and crime.But he was not even an inch affected by the dark side of our society. He established companies like, Underground plumbing and piping construction in Seattle, PRICOR Tech.He is founder and CEO of ‘Make Moves Not State ments’, in 2015 he founded ‘ Dominate Don’t Compete’ but he sold it later in 2020 . He took initiative to make donations and help the needy. He is a well known confidence couch along with having a flourishing business.

This definitely is not a fairy tale, but a true life-sketch of  a person who scaled the hights, not only for himself but paved the way for others also. He set his principles worked with dedication and created employments for a big number of people.He co- founded Go Blue light company where he provides full-time  home services. He utilises his time  in social work making this world a better place for under privileged.He made wise decisions at the right time which proved to be fruitful for him.The decision to shift to Seattle was helpful in his career growth. He was no more leading a stress full life but could concentrate on his business without any kind of disturbance and set up other companies also.

Willey Cortez with his keen observation could feel the requirements and kept establishing companies to fulfill the requirements with a strong leadership and organisational abilities. He empathises with the down trodden people and like a true citizen donates a good part of his wealth setting an example of humanity.


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