“Our customers are our #1 priority,” Say the Experts at VOBARA

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Although COVID-19 has caused struggles for many trying to stay afloat during the pandemic, business is booming more than ever for those with a consistent online presence. Specifically, the pandemic has helped the jewelry industry with an increase in online sales. One business in particular that experienced more success than ever during the pandemic is VOBARA. The only change for the company during this time was improving their time management to accommodate the increased numbers of orders they’ve received in the past year.

Successful entrepreneur Alex Arabov established VOBARA as a business that is all about the customer. Rising to the top of the market, this Miami jewelry company has surpassed its competitors with its willingness to meet customer expectations with no exceptions. “If you call us from the moon, we’ll make sure we get you a custom piece and find a way to ship it to you,” Alex says. Customers are a number one priority at VOBARA, and the company takes pride in its ability to connect with audiences around the globe.

A vast majority of VOBARA’s business is done online, specifically with the help of Instagram. According to Sprout Social, in 2021, 90% of Instagram users follow businesses on the platform to fulfill their shopping desires. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, VOBARA has skyrocketed its follower count by staying consistent with its social media presence. The company is making the best of this unfortunate situation and continues to entertain their growing follower list that is currently above 80,000 users. It comes as no shock that everyone wants to follow this motivational entrepreneur on his journey to success.

With globalization progressing, having a social media presence has given businesses the ability to expand on a global scale. Unlike many, VOBARA does not exclude certain people based on their location. By utilizing Instagram’s direct messaging feature and having an e-commerce set up, VOBARA has proven that its products can be worn by anyone, anywhere. Digital branding is essential to stay relevant in today’s society, which is why Alex shares his new creations to spark inspiration.

VOBARA has exceeded the expectations of all of its clients. Undivided attention is necessary to create an everlasting memory at VOBARA, and Alex believes that building a solid connection builds a stronger vision to create the perfect custom piece. Supporting this, VOBARA’s future plans include continuous customer satisfaction and further expansion. It is an understatement to say that VOBARA and its loyal customers have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

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