Meet William Synesius, helping people build wealth and pave their own path to success.

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As an entrepreneur and founder of “NR Group,” he offers training to people to get them nearer their financial goals.

Knowing and gaining more knowledge about a few individuals and entrepreneurs of the world across different sectors and industries is sometimes essential for people to gain more motivation and inspiration in life. Learning more about their stories, journeys, and the choices they made helps others to draw their own path to success and become their best versions. The world of entrepreneurship has always welcomed innumerable talented beings, but a few among them have always shone brighter than others. We came across one such driven and high-performing professional and entrepreneur, whose educative videos and his training through his platform has been changing lives and how; he is William Synesius.

William Synesius is known for his innovative and educative content on his YouTube channel and the kind of training he provides people through his platform “NR Group” to turn them financially independent in life. This passionate man confesses how he was meant to be an entrepreneur as, after working at a few places, he realized he needed to do something for himself and began investing and creating value for others. Today, William Synesius helps West Indians (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana) to develop their patrimonial, to build wealth with real estate investment, and finally to use their untapped potential. He has become a pro at posting specialized videos for the West Indians on topics of finance in the bank, paying less taxes to build profitable real estate, building real estate patrimony, and also on the mindset of stopping to find excuses and working on changing their false beliefs.

His approach, business sense, knowledge, and creativity in creating his videos all lead these people towards becoming their better selves, gaining the confidence to build wealth, helping them have an organic virality to make word of mouth work and spread like a spider’s web all over the Caribbean, to become the number 1 authority on real estate investment in the Caribbean. Talking about his journey, William Synesius mentions how he began everything from scratch. He was fired the same day when his wife announced he was going to be a father, but he had 37 euros left in his bank account. In four years, he changed his life and went from 1800 euros per month to 35000 euros with his 40 properties.

Today, he is determined to show his community that everything is possible, that they have a huge potential that they must use to live the life they want. On a parting shot, he says, “I deeply believe that the West Indians have everything to succeed, all they need is knowledge and a step-by-step path to follow. I am here to clarify this path and give them a hand to follow me.”


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