Jonathan Cohen promises that MetaNept will be more than any conventional project.

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The digital universe thrives on virtual reality, the so-called ‘technological revolution.’ For this reason, virtual reality is a fascinating topic to talk about. The world has seen tremendous development in virtual reality over the past few years.

For many people, though, virtual reality still lingers as something unreal or futuristic with little relevance to actual human life and how it would be affected by it. The truth is that virtual reality is already here.

The NEPT Metaverse is a digital universe and the brainchild of Jonathan Cohen; it is a technologically advanced metaverse for commerce and culture that is powered by the NEPT token. The NEPT token will serve as the currency of its virtual universe. The NEPT metaverse is a virtual universe that can be immersed in the real world using various technologies. In the NEPT universe, people can experience a truly interactive environment filled with new and exciting possibilities to interact with their surroundings in virtual reality.

Artists, entertainers, and others can tap into its monetization feature to gain profit from their virtual works. At the same time, the platform offers advertisers a new way to connect with and engage their audience. The universe provides an entertainment-driven and interactive platform that is unique as multi-sensory, interactive, and life-like while crossing all the expectations and imagination of each user.

One of their recent collaboration with Realiz3d is set to further enhance their already visually stunning platform. The Metaverse will employ Realiz3d’s proprietary technology to create high fidelity, visually rich environment. Combining these two is expected to result in a practical real virtual reality meeting place. MetaNept Founder and Director Jonathan Cohen said, “I’ve been living in the crypto sphere for the last eight years and have closely followed all the hyped metaverse and NFT projects. I ran into ongoing projects offering only an NFT collection, a roadmap, and a few that provided a long-term vision. I saw what was missing in the metaverse space: 3D assets available on launch, elegance, and actionable deliverables, which MetaNept brings to the table.”

NFT avatars initially introduced as a hologram will become more advanced and develop new features as the Metaverse expands. This will allow users to own a virtual asset that becomes a part of their digital avatar. The virtual asset can be customized with different features as it grows. Nept participants can also mint additional NFT assets specific to their avatar and environments. They will also have enough power to influence the governance within Nept Metaverse and become active in the Nept DAO.

This project is up-and-coming and has the potential to go far. The idea of a virtual world is exciting, and this project might solidify its position as the go-to platform for the future. By revolutionizing the graphics of the crypto sphere, this project might provide an example for other projects and businesses. The project has a team of qualified and experienced people that can lead this business to success.


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