Jason Harward Shares His Formula For Success

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Can you think of a better success story than going from a high school dropout to a CEO of a 100-million dollar company? That’s what happened to Jason Harward, who doesn’t hide that the journey to this position was intense. He failed several times before discovering that it’s setting goals and understanding the customers that will make you successful.

The entrepreneur emphasizes that it’s essential to get clear on what you want. The decisions you make need to support those dreams and goals. Harward says motivation is only hype, and it’s crucial you act after your decisions are made. He indicates it’s easy to establish a company, but the hard part is positioning it the way you want. The businessman pinpoints the need to believe in yourself and your decisions when analyzing the data, rather than relying on third-party solutions.

According to Jason Harward, the crucial goal is to present the customer with a product he can identify with, which increases the odds they will purchase it. He implemented this idea into the business plan when establishing Harward Media. Fast forward a decade later, and this company is worth $100 million, which earned it a place among the Inc 500 businesses for two consecutive years.

It wasn’t easy for Jason Harward either. His dad pulled him out of school and sent him to self-awareness training. Harward understood he needed to put in the effort to achieve success. The entrepreneur didn’t have much success with phone sales, and he sunk his car-part sales company after moving it from eBay to a storefront. But after starting a sticker company on his coffee table and discovering that bringing e-commerce directly to the customer is the right formula, Harward went on to break multiple records and more than double his growth year over year.

With these guidelines, success might not be far away for you. Always remember — you need to define your goals clearly and work hard to achieve them. Trusting in your own decision-making process and putting in a lot of effort can prove to be a successful tactic across a wide range of industries.


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