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With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Jacob N Zi Ya, known to the world as Jake Latimore Miller, is an Ivorian-American actor, filmmaker, social media influencer, and Instagram star. Jake was introduced to social media when one of his videos went viral on Facebook. It reached out to millions of people throughout the world. It spread rapidly over the internet and eventually collaborated with many Seattle actors on his viral videos.

Jake portrays a unique style of suspenseful drama trailer videos that involves placing his characters into unexpected situations. And he turned his passion into a fully realized career with several viral videos, including ‘Keylogger,’ ‘Isabella,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Double up.’ Known for his unique style of videos that involves placing characters into unexpected situations. His videos have racked up to million views. Becoming his most watched videos and got the most hype.

Like many viral digital creators, Jake was forced to assemble his fanbase on different platforms. Since then, he has accumulated over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and worked well on his unique video content that has reached millions of views.

He also collaborates with his fellow actor Abanoub Khalil on his videos. He met Abanoub in his first acting class at Shoreline Community College, marking the beginning of a wildly successful career in video creation, and got pretty good hype. Featuring in many collaborations and working among famous people, He intends to open his film production and work with media expert managers and other film producers in the future.

Jake grew up surrounded by art and creativity. He was inspired by the Disney TV show ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’ and start making his own videos. Even as a child, he took great interest in creative work. He had dreamed of turning his tiny ideas into significant achievements one day. Making his rare content, an art form, and a way to express himself and his creativity.

As fashion, art, and digitalization are an integral part of society, Jake believes in digital media power. The trend for influencers has changed with the hype of digital media. We can see more and more influencers trying hard to make their place. Few get the best out of it. However, Jake Latimore Miller feels honored when brands or celebrities approach him to inquire about a possible collaboration. He is pleased to see that many companies are now considering social media marketing as a very effective way to promote a brand or a product.

Jake had peak years, premiering in many viral videos, work on some top-notch content, and worked with well-known actors. He got a huge fan base, and he is the most recognizable personality on Instagram and record-breaking views on Facebook. Jake Latimore miller has no plans on stopping there, as he expects him and his team to have many more opportunities in the future. Jake Latimore Miller works on significant projects. He makes the world waiting for future works he has in store for his fans.

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