Innovation In A Crisis: 7017 REIGN Thinks Outside The Box Amid The Pandemic

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The global pandemic upended nearly all aspects of life, leaving people and businesses in a scramble to regroup. One clear thing is that the pandemic has fundamentally changed how brands conduct business now and will have a lasting impact on consumer needs. 7017 REIGN latched onto innovation to help them re-examine their strategies and process. This led them to conclude that prioritizing innovation is the key to unlocking growth and navigating the post-pandemic sphere.

Founded in 2020, 7017 REIGN is an online and brick-and-mortar boutique offering a range of products sourced from luxury fashion houses to trendy streetwear and the most in-demand footwear on the market. 7017 REIGN leveraged a culturally empowered retail concept in its brick and mortar stores while fully leveraging the power of eCommerce through its website – Here is how the organizational team and business grew to over a few million USD in sales over the course of a year.

A Unique Concept

With millions of people shopping online, you need to make sure your store stands out in a sea of competitors. 7017 REIGN was based on a concept of collaboration that aimed at bridging the worlds of luxury fashion and footwear culture. This is a unique combination that gained a lot of attention. Plus, the inventory turns around quickly, all in tune with meticulous attention to detail and forward-thinking concepts. Add in a unique blend of multicultural local and international designers, and you have a one-of-a-kind shopping destination.

Variety + Appointments

People love convenience, and 7017 REIGN truly is a curated one-stop shop. Through this single retailer, customers can browse selections from names like Adidas, Alexander McQueen, Acne Studios, Jil Sander, Maison Margiela, New Balance, Stone Island, and 50+ other fashion labels. The brand is not only redefining luxury shopping; it is making it more accessible to a new generation of customers. In addition to its curated assortment, 7017 REIGN offers local customers a one–on–one shopping appointment with in-store stylists, as well as curbside pickup, for a frictionless and safe shopping experience.           

A Progressive Mindset

7017 REIGN is a newer company with a modern mindset. Retail has dramatically changed over the decade, but the pandemic shifted our lives online. This especially applied to non-essential stores. People needed clothes and shoes but were limited to how they could purchase them. 7017 REIGN offered people convenient access to the items they wanted and needed, all while introducing them to new labels. This forward-thinking concept redefined modern retailing and gave 7017 REIGN a unique brand voice from launch. By combining a single stop for highly desired clothes and footwear in an e-commerce setting, and the safety and ease of an in-store shopping experience, 7017 REIGN thrived by thinking quickly and outside the box during a global pandemic. 

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