In Conversation with the Enthralling Fooz Molhama

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The Molhama organization is a one-stop shop for almost every electronic publishing service you could ask for. E-publishing entails the digital creation and distribution of any published asset, including magazines, newspapers, and books. In his company, Fooz Molhama also offers audiovisual articles, blogs, and e-courses.

In today’s digital era, most people can now engage with e-publications in ways similar to traditional publishing. There is an upsurge in the popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones, e-readers, and tablets, making the sale of e-books rival their paper counterparts. Molhama’s organization for electronic publishing has helped many writers to publish their work. Along the way, Fooz Molhama has built a reputation for assisting authors in setting themselves apart through recognition by programs that shine a spotlight on their titles.

 By focusing on the needs of creative writers, Fooz Molhama also offers e-courses that promote change to all the trainees on the developmental, intellectual, and social levels. The trainees get a smooth conversion from printed media to digital publishing, giving them the skills needed to explore interactive publishing. Molhama Company was created for authors, and the e-courses help spur the next significant expansion of publishing.

Fooz Molhama founded Molhama Company in 2018, and the organization’s headquarters is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company has had numerous achievements, including offering electronic courses to more than 10,000 trainees, publishing bestselling books within the three years the company has been in operation, and significantly impacting the social, intellectual, and developmental levels of the trainees. 

Molhama Company is among the leading e-publishers in Saudi Arabia. Through the guidance of its founder, Fooz Molhama, the company authors attain the success of their definitions, whether that includes publishing their e-books or getting more training on e-publishing. 

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