If you stick to your goals, you can accomplish anything – Business Coach Marc Galal

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By the age of 21, Marc Galal was a world-champion bodybuilder who had the world at his feet. Yet he surprised everyone by calling it quits on his sporting career and heading to Dubai, where he began a career as an entrepreneur.

However, history has a habit of repeating itself. In Dubai, Galal once again threw caution to the wind and said goodbye to a lucrative business career before packing his bags and hopping on a jet to the USA to follow what the German insists is his true calling – that of a life and business mentor.

“For over two decades, I’ve been helping people fulfill their potential and live the life of their dreams,” revealed Galal. “I do this through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), sales training, and, most importantly, business mentoring. I’m on track to make 100 people millionaires in the next five years, and I can safely say it’s what I was put here to do.”

It’s this sort of unwavering self-belief which has defined Galal since he was a child. Raised in financially challenging circumstances, Galal would repeatedly assure his family that he would be wealthy and successful one day. The odds were stacked against such an outcome, but Galal thought differently. From a young age, he took any job he could to help support his family. Taking that same work ethic into bodybuilding, Galal began making his first steps into a wider world of unlimited possibility.

Galal says, “Bodybuilding made me believe I could succeed in anything as long as I worked hard. I learned how to push past my comfort zone and break the pain barrier to achieve my goals.” Then, in a phase of disorientation, a friend gave him a book about NLP as a gift: “This was my true awakening. Bodybuilding gave me discipline and ambition, but reading this book made me realize that my world had been a nutshell instead of a universe. That clearly gave me the ultimate push to go and live my dreams.”

Since then, Marc has achieved one goal after another, and through his books, seminars, and events, he has helped over two million people achieve theirs. He has spoken in front of thousands of people, helped many make their first million, and has shown countless others how to develop their careers and become the person they were born to be.

Galal explains, “I am living proof that if you stick to your goals, you can accomplish anything. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and I know better than most what it’s like to hit rock bottom without a penny to your name. Yet when you hit that dark place with no light at the end of the tunnel, that’s the time when you find your real inner strength and the resilience to get back on track and live life on your own terms, without compromise or fear. My mission is to pass this lesson on to as many people as possible because, as all good fighters know, it’s not how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep going.”

Today, Marc Galal holds seminars with sometimes several thousand people attending. He offers knowledge on self-management, psychology, sales, and business subjects, and constantly encourages his participants to go for their dreams – and he supports them with the right tools to achieve personal and financial freedom.


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