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How to Write a Press Release: The Complete Guide

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Press Releases are one of the most sorted after marketing mediums. These are influential in spreading the word about your business. Do you know press releases can open doors to many hidden potentialities? 

It includes generating more traffic on the website, getting featured in local news, or web recognition. Press releases make it all possible.

Writing the press release is an art. PR strategy includes both user’s perspective and the journalist’s mindset. We’ll cover how to give a strong beginning, creating its body, winding it up on an ending note.

What is a press release? 

Press Release is an official document written by public relations professionals to highlight something newsworthy. It is a short, compelling, and attractive news story to get media coverage.  

The purpose of the press release could be to promote services, research, or products of a business. Generally, these are content published in newspapers, e-papers, industry websites, or even blogs. 

Why target press releases in 2021?

Press releases may seem to be an affair of past times. But, its relevance has increased manifold. It helps businesses move many steps further to reach the target audience.

Here are the key benefits: 

Boost SEO

Press releases are an essential part of content marketing. Further, you get enhanced organic traffic on the website. And it is effective in improving search engine rankings.

Online Media

It helps you get featured on the Google News column. A single effective PR post could be a game-changer. Also, several other media try to cover revelating news PR articles.

Find new clients and build partnerships. 

You never know, your PR will strike the mind of new customers. Furthermore, it is a beautiful medium to build strong partnerships. 

The reason is, when you remain under the cover, nobody knows you. But, PR gives you niche recognition.

The basic outline of a press release

The basic outline forms the structure of PR that acts as bones and muscles for the press release. These are:

  • Headline: Headline acts as an input point into the PR. A lame headline can drive away even journalists.  
  • Subheadline: Subheadline is like an opening batsman. It sets the right tone for PR. 
  • Strong Intro: Introduction must lead the entire body copy. Intro arouse the curiosity of readers what’s all is going to come up.
  • Body Content: Body content cover the details about the headline. And what you want to convey to the audience. It must be easy to skim with subheadings, pointer, or bold points.
  • Sources: Sources are reliable and credible sources to prove your point. It increases the relevance of what you want to say. It could be references, citations, or any trusted data. 
  • Quotes: Quotes attract the instant attention of the readers. It can be famous lines given by industry experts, your research findings, or insights.
  • Magnet point: Insights about your company attract more sales. You can include contact information, location, or other details about the company.

Sometimes it is not easy to design suitable PRs due to lack of time or other constraints. Content marketing experts can create great press releases for you, covering all the main sections. 

Steps for writing a press release

Till now, you know the basics setup of PRs. Next, we’ll cover the steps that you can follow to designing PRs. 

Do your research

Choose the right story to cover in the PR. It need not be extraordinary. A simple variation or new trend in your business can form the news story. 

Target Audience

The audience is the target people whom you want to address. What are their requirements or pain points? And what do they love to read?

Creating headline

A headline should be enticing enough to attract readers. The combination of the latest trends can make headlines more attractive. 

Furthermore, you can add some real-time stats in the subheadline. It must support the headline.

Get the structure right.

A random structure can create chaos and confuse readers. On the other hand, the proper structure seems more professional.

The structure may vary for different media houses that can take care. The inverted pyramid is a proven strategy that works wonders. 

It includes covering the most critical information first. Indeed, it will help bind the readers in this time of information overload. 

Perfect your content

Editing and proofreading are crucial components of any press release. Proofread content many times to ensure error-free delivery. Also, take care of these factors:

  • Interesting delivery: Make it more user-friendly with engaging visuals and infographics. It’s better to keep it simple without extra adjectives.
  • Third-person Writing: Write PRs from the aspect of third-person, even you’re writing about yourself. For example, “XYZ company is launching a new product.”
  • Missing information: Check out if you’ve covered everything. Recheck to release a flawless piece of content. 


Finally, PR can change the way people perceive you. PR need not be out of the world. Any new findings are remarkable for PR coverage. Furthermore, you can be a part of local news with strategic content. Corporations can go for press releases to widen their circle of influence and grow business.

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