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Dab vapes are also known as wax vapes, and they are quite new to the market. There are many users who are not quite sure how to make them work right. If you are among those people and have been doing research on how a dab pen can be used correctly, you will not have a hard time with it.

Even if there are a lot of dab pens, all of them follow a similar functionality. Concentrates are unlike the typical vape oils. They have a thicker consistency because of the manufacturing process. Therefore, they should be heated properly for it to produce vapor. Learn more.

What You Need to Know

Wax can be sticky after it has been heated, and the thickness remains, but it is similar to liquid. Now, it has the ability for an easy airflow process. The wax pen must be held upright, especially after a vaping session, and especially if there is wax in the coil. If you dismantle the vape pen and then place it casually on its side, the warmed liquid wax flows from the coil, to whatever crosses its path, and gravity takes it until it has nowhere to go anymore, or until the coil cools and forms a thin wax residue on the mouthpiece and in the usual pathway of vapors. This issue can be prevented when you vape all the wax, and if the pen is unable to stand on its own, buy a stand.

Hit a Dab Pen Right

You might already know how to work the dab pen and then load it. After you are all settled, and your concentrate can be vaped already, you have to make sure that you can make the most out of it. However, it is not like inhaling. You have to make sure that your dab pen is at the right temperature and the ideal temperature should be about 420 degrees F and 550 degrees F.

Increase Airflow

The airflow is a lot more important in keeping the hits rolling out smoothly and to prevent the wax pen from overheating. The best practices to maintain a great airflow are really for keeping the wax pen clean, avoid overfilling the vape coil, or simply pack the vape pen properly. These things are going to give you the top results when it comes to maintaining the vape pen and making sure the hits are coming out tasting clean and delicious. When you keep the wax vape clean, you are sure there is no caked material that can affect your ability to pull a hit from the vape mouthpiece. Overfilling the wax coil causes the wax to overflow and block the air passage of the vapor into the mouthpiece for inhalation. Naturally, learning how to properly pack the wax pen is a lot more pertinent since this is also helpful in keeping your vaporizer clean. Also check the difference between dabbing and vaping. Wax vapes do not need a lot of care, but you should know the right way.


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