How Play listing Company Upturn Network Introduced Lesser-Known Artists to a Massive Audience

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Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world today. Over 300 million people use it to find and listen to music. Seeing how popular it is, as well as the tremendous untapped opportunities that it creates, Upturn Network founder Eli Rossman jumped into the playlisting game.

What Upturn Network set out to do is create a network of playlists. These lists aimed to help people discover new and great music more easily without having to rely on Spotify’s algorithms. What’s more is that people can listen to a song they like and avoid having to go back and forth between songs.

Ever since user-curated playlists have seen a meteoric rise in popularity due to Spotify popularizing them, they have been used to introduce audiences to new music they may have otherwise never heard. As great as Spotify is for discovering new music, it has become incredibly massive in size, leading to millions of playlists existing, which has made it more challenging to find hidden gems. Eli saw an opportunity to introduce an improvement to the ecosystem with Upturn Network’s network of playlists.

The focus of this playlist company is on lesser-known artists who are great in their own right but lack the kind of exposure that would take them to the top of the charts. Today, Upturn Network is increasingly being looked at as the next generation of fan base building. Already, artists like Issana, The Rossman Ensemble, and Gorf Girlz have seen their audiences grow and expand thanks to Upturn Network helping them get onto a number of playlists.

To date, nearly 50 million streams have been created by Upturn’s host of playlists, an impressive feat. There are also currently well above seven million listeners just a year after the company’s inception. This is a figure that is only growing with each passing day. With a focus on independent and unsigned music artists found on Spotify, Upturn Network is building up larger fan bases for music artists who were practically unknown, yet deserve to be more prominent.

Eli has grown Upturn Network organically thanks to the strong relationships he has forged with users managing popular playlists on Spotify. Ever since being founded in 2019, this playlist company has been promoting music in a far more direct way than social media marketing allows for. That could perhaps be one of the main reasons for the rising success that Upturn Network is noticing today.

Upturn Network prides itself on not paying money to curators, a practice that violates Spotify’s terms of service. Curators are sought out without a financial incentive to add a particular song or music artist to a playlist. This unique non-monetary relationship that Eli has developed with playlist curators has ensured that the music that gets onto a popular playlist is genuinely excellent and something that people will want to hear.

You can visit the Upturn Network website to learn more. You can also check out their Christmas artist, The Rossman Ensemble, here.


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