How Authenticity and Reliability Play a Critical Role in a Brand’s Success, as per Maura Wasescha AG

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All entrepreneurs dream of creating a successful brand. However, once you have set up a brand that’s getting attention, you need to figure out how to sustain that success. According to Maura Wasescha AG, the two secrets to doing this are authenticity and reliability.

Maura Wasescha AG specializes in offering luxury real estate for rent and sale in Switzerland and around the world. The company’s CEO & Founder, Maura Wasescha, has been in the business for over 43 years, and she knows how to find her clients the best properties like no one else. She considers being authentic with her clients as one of the sole reasons behind her company’s success. “I love luxury real estate, and I’ve always had an eye for picking out the best properties,” said Maura. “Moreover, at Maura Wasescha AG, we love being able to offer real estate options that we truly believe would benefit our clients.” She has done marketing with celebrity clients like Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, and Al Pacino, but she has learned to keep herself from being starstruck. “I believe in being calm and collected around celebrity clients because they’re also people just like us. I think this comes through to them and makes our company look more authentic.”

Another principle that Maura Wasescha AG holds dear as a brand is reliability. They offer an around-the-clock customer support experience and never let any customer go without finding help. “People know that you care when you offer unlimited support,” explained Maura. “We want our clients to believe that they can always count on us.” If you plan to run a business, you need to make sure that your clients feel confident you’ll come through for them. This gets even more important once large amounts of money start getting thrown around. Once your customers know that they can rely on you, they’ll also start to trust you. And that’s the key to getting repeat business.

Maura Wasescha AG sets a great example for other brands as to how being authentic and reliable can lead a company to become an industry-beater.

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