GetKicks brings a unique experience to sneakerheads with their move2earn game.

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People around the world spend a significant amount of their income on sneakers. They are popular among young and old, rich and poor. Millions of people worldwide can’t resist the lure of buying that new pair they’ve always wanted. They are a product category larger than music, sports, or movies, with billions of dollars of sales and an industry that employs thousands. Sneakers have become part of the culture, and marketing savvy companies keep coming up with new ways to appeal to the sneakerhead.

The GetKicks team has created our blockchain-based platform to bring the sneaker community together, fun and engaging. GetKicks is a sneaker matching game for both desktop and mobile. Play it to earn tokens, get fit or relax and enjoy yourself. It’s a service that allows you to connect with your peers, get well, and make money. The possibilities go beyond just trading sneakers.

GetKicks offers a free-to-play platform. This platform provides various features that are already in service, including earning, collecting, and trading sneakers. To play the game, players have to earn tokens by completing actions such as playing games or achieving objectives in the game. These tokens are then spent on sneakers, upgrades, and other items in the game.

They plan to work on a sustainable business model. With the help of brand partners and the popularity of cryptocurrencies, they will bring the sneaker community together in one place. The team has experienced designers, developers, and marketing specialists behind them. These brands will add to the reward pool for their players and make the platform more engaging. Furthermore, partners will also contribute to the development of the game.

One of the best parts of this project is NFTs. People are already familiar with cryptocurrency and the concept of tokens. GetKicks will utilize the blockchain to create a unique token for each sneaker in their marketplace. They will also use smart contracts to ensure that the sneakers can be bought and sold at the best prices.

GetKicks promises sneakerheads an experience like no other. The loyalty and commitment of the sneaker community will also be showcased in a fun and engaging way. On the one hand, the platform will appeal to sneaker collectors who want to trade and get fit. On the other hand, it will appeal to the people who have a passion for sneakers. It will bring together brands, designers, and sneakerheads in a unique way that has not been accomplished before.

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