Expert coach Yashika Garg shares her knowledge about drop servicing.

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Digital marketing is in trend today. It is the first preference of the clients as the reach and flexibility in digital marketing a very high. But it is very necessary to assign your ad campaigns to someone who is trustworthy and knows how to increase your engagement. Today we bring you one such inspiring story of a young female entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the marketing industry within a short period of time. Yashika Garg, a digital marketer from Punjab, has reached the crescendo of her success just at the age of 18.

Yashika Garg is an expert and experienced Dropservicing coach who is bound to scale up your organisation’s revenue to six figures. Yes, you heard it right! She has shared some important tips and steps that you need to follow in order to become successful.

Dropservicing can be divided into four crucial steps- selecting the ideal niche for your business, presenting your services to a client, sourcing and building the perfect team of freelancers, and marketing your services. You have to understand that your business niche does not require you to be an expert in it. You can choose any niche as long as you do proper research and have an understanding about how it works. If you are just starting out, it is recommended that you choose something that is easy and more likely to sell. Most entrepreneurs venture into the sector of blog writing, copywriting, video content, social media marketing and so on. This is because these services are very much in demand in today’s times. Do not be demotivated if you realise that you chose something that is not your cup of tea. Making mistakes is humane, and you can always start over with a new niche.

Team building is the next most important thing on the list. You have to understand that you need to accumulate the best team of freelancers who will be able to deliver quality work within the given time frame. You will not be able to scale your revenue if you cannot handle multiple orders. There are countless platforms from which you can choose your freelancers. Thus, make sure to do proper research in order to form the perfect team. Finally, create the ideal marketing strategy, without which your services will not get exposure, and there will be no sales.

Yashika Garg always dreamt of working independently without getting burdened with a 9 to 5 job. “I’m not against 9 to 5! No way, I think it’s a great learning opportunity. Working on someone else’s dream is good, but can you imagine spending that amount of time on your own dreams? Working on my dreams 24/7 is what I chose for myself”, she added. She is presently one of the most talented and successful drop servicing coaches who are turning countless people’s dreams into reality.

If you require more information on drop servicing and its techniques, you can connect with Yashika Garg below:




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