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Every Business can Grow 4x Online, Says HikeMeLive & Digital Achievers Guild Founder.

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After COVID, there is a drastic change in the market. Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, and other industries lead to a number of changes in working. And these are the changes that the industry expects to adapt to in the next 10 years but due to the COVID industry adapting to the changes in only 2 years. With the change in Market & Businesses, we had an interview with HikeMeLive & Digital Achievers Guild’s Founder & CEO Sunil Jangir (International Digital Growth Business Coach and Motional Speaker). His brand HikeMeLive is a startup recognized under StartUp India Scheme and is a Certified StartUp by Govt. Of India. HikeMeLive’s CEO says – “Any Business can be grown online if the owner knows HOW to do it right.

Most Businessman thinks they are only for the local market and their business can’t grow online. It’s their biggest mistake.” Further, he added, “Every Businessman & Entrepreneur, should know how they can grow their business online, even if they will be going to hire an agency or company for their digital growth. They should have the knowledge that how this digital growth system actually works and should be familiar with the Blueprints of Digital Growth.” On further conversation, we asked that “Why a Businessman or Entrepreneur should learn about Digital Business Growth when they are going to hire an Agency or Company?” Digital Growth Business Coach Sunil Jangir replied – “When you are going for admission of your champ in an institute, you get familiar with each and every aspect, but you’re not going to learn in that institute.

Similar to that, If you hire an agency, you should know about digital growth so that you know what actually your agency is actually doing and will it improve your business or not. That’s the reason every Entrepreneur should have the knowledge of Digital Growth.” Speaking with Sunil Jangir feels like he connects business with spiritual life and provides some perfect examples which clear all the doubts of any person. And when we asked him – “How entrepreneurs can learn the basics of Digital Growth of Business?” He smiled and took out one of his phones and tapped it on the screen and gave us. It was his app “Achievers Learning” which is a learning app for Entrepreneurs or Wanna be Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to learn and grow any business online.

I was checking his app over 1hr and I found it has everything in detail that any entrepreneur requires for his/her brand’s growth. Interviewing Sunil Jangir was a learning & fun experience, and I loved the way he explain anything about business and life. And I think he is very passionate about training people and growing business and I wish Very Best of Luck for his Company and Community. I’m giving you the links, you can explore more about HikeMeLive. HikeMeLive –

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