Debbie DeBerry – Launching a New Era for Women in Real Estate

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Debbie DeBerry is a person who has had a significant impact on real estate education for women. Since becoming a real estate broker in 2003, she’s focused on helping women succeed in a field where they’ve traditionally been underrepresented. Through her specialized House Flipping Coaching Program, she offers women the knowledge and confidence to excel in house flipping. Her goal is to improve every aspect of the industry, making it a better place for women to grow their careers and achieve their dreams.

DeBerry’s Teaching Philosophy and Approach

DeBerry’s approach to real estate education, particularly for women, is characterized by a blend of practical knowledge and empowerment coaching. She’s been a licensed broker since 2003 and has chosen to work mainly with investors. This experience enabled her not only to survive but also to thrive through the Great Recession in 2008. Since 2017, she has trained and coached over 3,000 women on how to start investing in real estate, focusing on buying, renovating, and selling or renting houses.

On her motivation and approach to real estate, DeBerry says: “I’m a firm believer that data should drive decisions. While there is a place for your gut and intuition, all decisions should start with the data. Flipping houses isn’t rocket science. It’s as simple as giving buyers what they want where they want it,” highlighting her analytical approach and her focus on meeting market demands.

Her teaching style is distinct in its emphasis on overcoming limiting beliefs and building self-trust and confidence, which are necessary for success in real estate. DeBerry’s program is noted for its effectiveness in imparting theoretical knowledge and practical skills, tailored specifically for women’s unique challenges in the field. The program stands out for its focus on helping women achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

It covers everything from basic terminology to advanced creative buying and selling strategies. The program includes a self-study course with 24/7 access to lessons and materials, including videos, tools, guides, exercises, and the Profitable Flip Formula™. The curriculum spans over 70 lessons and training covering market analysis, investment strategies, how to analyze rentals and flips, and advanced marketing strategies.

DeBerry’s approach differs from traditional real estate investing education in that it not only imparts knowledge but also focuses on mindset shifts and personal development. Her philosophy is making investing accessible and understandable, breaking down complex concepts into manageable, easy-to-understand segments.

She also offers a separate course specifically for real estate agents: REI Pro Certification. As a Texas and New Mexico licensed Broker herself, she knows the limitations of most courses for agents. They simply do not teach agents how to work with investors, and DeBerry’s course fills all of the gaps. This Certification Program is the only comprehensive training program dedicated to empowering agents to be knowledgeable and useful, assisting their clients to build wealth. guide real estate investors. This Certification Program also offers specialized knowledge that enables agents to differentiate themselves in a crowded industry and become essential to their client’s investing journey.

DeBerry’s contribution to the industry has been significant, particularly in empowering women. Her coaching program is renowned for its effectiveness in helping women navigate the complexities of house flipping. It offers a blend of theory and practice tailored to address the unique challenges they face in the field. DeBerry’s approach emphasizes not just the technical aspects but also focuses on building confidence and resilience. This has led to a notable shift in the industry, with more and more women confidently investing, making informed decisions, and running successful flipping businesses.

The “Flip Houses Like a Girl” Podcast

DeBerry’s podcast, “Flip Houses Like a Girl,” has become a vital platform for sharing insights and experiences in house flipping, especially for women. Each episode provides valuable lessons, tips, and real-life stories that resonate deeply with aspiring and experienced women real estate investors. The podcast covers various topics, from practical house flipping  advice to discussing overcoming obstacles in a male-dominated field. It’s a source of inspiration and education, helping listeners understand the nuances of investing while promoting community and belonging among women in this space.

The FlipSisters Community: Empowering Women Flippers

The FlipSisters community, guided by Debbie DeBerry, is more than just a support network; it’s a place where innovative coaching methods equip women with essential tools for success in house flipping. This community offers a curriculum that blends online learning with practical application, covering every aspect of house flipping. Interactive workshops and webinars allow for deep dives into subjects like market analysis, enhancing the learning experience with real-time feedback.

Personalized mentorship from experienced investors provides tailored guidance, while collaborative projects encourage teamwork and practical application of skills. A resource library gives members access to vital tools, and accountability groups support and motivate members toward their goals, making the flipping journey a shared and less isolating experience.

DeBerry is taking a step further in her efforts to empower more women to succeed in house flipping across various markets. Her education initiatives are designed to provide practical and data-driven advice to ensure success in any location, making it easier for aspiring women entrepreneurs to achieve their house flipping  goals.

Through her programs, DeBerry offers hands-on support to participants at all experience levels, helping them overcome challenges and boosting their confidence. The focus is on providing personalized guidance and mentorship to each participant, ensuring they have the necessary tools and skills to succeed in the industry.

One of the unique aspects of DeBerry’s programs is the community aspect, particularly through the FlipSisters® network. This network provides a supportive environment for learning and growth, where women can connect with like-minded individuals and share their experiences. This approach not only aids individual success but also contributes to a more inclusive industry where more women can thrive and succeed with their own house flipping business.

Looking Forward

Debbie DeBerry and her initiatives in the real estate sector have marked a significant shift in house flipping, particularly for women. Through her coaching program, podcast, and the FlipSisters community, DeBerry has educated and empowered a new generation of women investors. Her work goes beyond teaching industry fundamentals; it instills confidence, fosters a supportive community, and breaks down barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field. As a result, the industry is witnessing an inspiring increase in successful, skilled women real estate investors who are achieving personal success and positively impacting the communities around them.


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