CoWorkZen launches Private office space with shared costs to keep businesses running in COVID times.

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L to R : Mr. Vinayak Garg (Founder LazyGardener), Mr. Arun Bansal (Founder ServerGuy), Mr. Vishal Datt Wadhwa & Mr. Nayan Verma (Founder CoWorkZen)

CoWorkZen was conceptualized at the time of the first lockdown and was launched after the nation had just come out from the second COVID wave. People would typically stay away from such space at a time point like this. However, the founders Nayan Verma and Vishal Datt Wadhwa could see large potential as this could solve a few of the key problems of the businesses (both already established and those starting up).

During both the lockdown stages, their individual businesses had to bear all the respective admin costs, and they were keen on solving this problem for all the other businesses out there. Along with this, remote working culture was difficult to manage, and even though multiple self-proclaimed gurus and best software were available on the internet, none would work for teams up to 50 to 75 or SME’s since they would still not have the infrastructure actually to implement those tactics.

This led to the thought behind CoWorkZen Business Hub, which would help the companies for Office readiness, setup remote culture either in the hub and spoke model OR small teams structure or whatever fits the business model of the respective organization. Along with the same multiple models, the companies can subscribe with the business hub for Coworking spaces in Noida to place the teams in the well-managed workspace or Shared office spaces in Noida.

The businesses that subscribe to CoWorkZen services can definitely not shy away from 100% of the costs. However, the same is equally distributed amongst all the hub members, making it easier for everyone to move ahead and kick back when the wave is over or passes away and giving peace of mind at times like this.

The hub also makes it easier for the companies to resume their offline operations without involving themselves in admin tasks again.

CoWorkZen hub managers assist the companies with their compliance issues, hiring, and related problems. Along with the same, the brand is also associated with startup assistance teams of various companies like AWS, Notion, Zoho, Google, which makes it easier for the companies to approach and get guidance from these brands as well.

“Currently, CoWorkZen is serving both startups and well-established companies like Bridgestone & Azention at its hub.”

Online is the key to the future, but offline existence can not be ignored. With the number of online frauds increasing, government bodies also favour the companies that do have some physical presence.

Along with these solutions, CoWorkZen also provides training rooms for large corporates, conference room facilities, and event coordination on a per requirement basis.

CoWorkZen recently launched its 3rd unit in iThum Tower Noida on 25th December 2021 and is on track to establish the 4th unit within the financial year 2021 itself.

To learn more about the services of CoWorkZen, visit their website OR reach out to the support team.


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