Chaitanya Kandoi – The visionary man behind SuprFam and the winner of Nation’s Icon Award

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Needless to mention, India is the world’s most populous democracy, and its economy has expanded dramatically in recent decades. India has the second-largest native population after China, and as a result, it has created a lot of billionaire entrepreneurs who have dared to think outside the box and make tough things work. Chaitanya Kandoi is believed to be part of a tribe of emerging start-ups whose way of thinking surpassed most of his competitors’ creative abilities, resulting in the formation of SuprFam a year ago, which has now grown into a global brand that was once a small start-up.

It is utilizing communities for product adoption and brand recognition that allows individuals to profit through communities, either by developing one from scratch or by leveraging an existing one. In other words, SuprFam is leveraging communities for product adoption and brand awareness by helping individuals like you and me monetize through the community.

Chaitanya had a plethora of B2C marketing experience. Clients approached him to get a business campaign handled by him. This came to him like a light bulb idea in the middle of the night, and rather than doing it as a person, he wanted to do it as a branded entity, which he did with the support of a buddy, and Efluence was born. He worked tirelessly day and night to realize his dream by thinking and implementing business concepts gleaned from his expertise, and SuprFam was born as a result of his efforts. Chaitanya is also working simultaneously on different business ideas to make an impact in the start-up ecosystem

Chaitanya established SuprFam while surrounded by an air of distinctiveness and even a little notoriety. Nothing came easily for him, and after a hard ride through the thick and thin, he ferociously changed the status quo, looked outside the box, and stood out from the crowd with his smart and deliberate approach with SuprFam. Indeed, his influence and contributions to the community have gone above and beyond to improve India’s quality of life. To the enormous benefit of the economy, he had gone beyond the typical limitations of his role. EnGame Publishing House is honored to present Chaitanya Kandoi with the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for his remarkable, uncommon, and unique start-up SuprFam, which arose during the Pandemic as a realistic role model and a source of inspiration for society.

With a team of over 15 members, SuprFam had Clocked an annual revenue of over 1 million dollars within a year since its inception and acquired a huge clientele like Netflix, Canva, MI, Spotify, Groww, CoinDcx, Coinswitch, Hotstar, Derma co and so on. From April 2021 till Jan 2022, they have accommodated more than 1000+ community managers who in return have earned more than 2000 Dollars by executing brand campaigns.

No doubt, Chaitanya thinks boldly, he envisions with purpose, drive, and intention to pursue. Great ideas alone don’t make a successful entrepreneur as ideas are a dime a dozen but the way he had held onto the idea and turned it into a business created the distinction between his dream and reality. For Chaitanya, His feet never got caught in the cement, no matter how straight and tight the path was. He never lost sight of his ultimate aim, even when it appeared to be a heart rate monitor with multiple ups and downs.

Although starting a business is difficult, every entrepreneur must begin somewhere. There is no magic shortcut to developing a successful firm, but neither is there any bias in business. It makes no difference where you begin or when you begin with your adventure, as Chaitanya had demonstrated. Chaitanya’s accomplishment in making SuprFam a tremendous success has turned him into an inspiration for many individuals who want to establish a business and be as successful as he is.

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