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Cash Digital Media- A Friendly and Trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency is your future.

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Cash Digital Media is an Indian Digital Marketing Agency that looks at everything differently, gives solutions differently and makes marketing and promotions easier – Differently!
Cash Digital Media is an Indian Digital Marketing Agency which provide A to Z Services in your Budget. Specializes in search engine optimization and self branding.

What Cash Digital Media do?
Brand Building, Startup Promotion, News, IMDb, Wikipedia, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Marketing and Strategy Consultation, Influencer Marketing, Website Development, E-Commerce Marketing, Corporate Videos, Content Marketing and more.

Our founder worked at a well-known digital marketing agency in Cambridge for a couple of years. In 2022, he decided to move back to his roots and start his own marketing and communication agency in Mumbai.
Mumbai is a city of dreams, it is an emotion. A walk through the streets of Mumbai makes you realize that people are going through many phases of life, all in one place. This is a place where your status doesn’t matter, what matters is your desire to achieve your dreams. When we started The Cash Digital Media, we were people trying to achieve all our dreams and this is the city that has driven us to get here. A digital-first, new age company we believe in the holy trinity of creativity, technology and data. Each member of the team comes with an entrepreneurial mindset for their workspace. We are an agency that provides quick and quirky digital marketing solutions that help brands and self brand shine. We are Cash Digital Media.


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Aryaman Vikram Jangid is an Indian Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert from Rajasthan. Now Aryaman Vikram Jangid is Manager of PR Wale Baba.
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