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Business Mogul Chris Choi is an Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

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Dropping out of school is never a good idea– or is it? Well, it certainly worked out for the best for Mr. Chris Choi, a multi-millionaire businessman who has recently been making a name for himself on social media. He has accumulated a jaw-dropping 1.6 million followers, with 1.4 million on TikTok alone. These are not passive followers, either. These are dedicated learners that are taking Chris Choi’s advice to become better people, businesspersons, and entrepreneurs of the future.

Chris Choi was born July 31, 1991 in one of the hottest cultural spots in the world: South Korea. After coming to the United States, Choi soared through his education, graduating with a double major in Human Biology and Psychology. From here, he entered a dental program with certainty that this was the path for him. However, a few years in, Choi decided to drop out of dental school to pursue a different path– one on the road to financial freedom. With $8,000 to his name, Choi rented out his first Airbnb, a simple one-bedroom apartment. Using this property, he sub-rented it for a profit, and the rest is history. Now almost seven years have passed, and Choi now sub-rents over 100 Airbnb locations across 4 states and 7 major cities. Titled a Top 1% Airbnb earner, Choi has taken to his social media to share both his journey and his best advice for those who also wish to take the steps necessary to set themselves financially free.

One thing that Chris Choi highlights as truly imperative to success is the relationship with mentors. Mentors are people who have been through all the years of trial-and-error to become so successful in a given field that they have the knowledge required to educate others in their field. Mentorship is the “biggest shortcut to success,” as Choi puts it. He explains that to receive mentorship is to skip over the common mistakes of the field that a mentee would otherwise have to deal with. A good mentor has already experienced these problems, solved them, and can save a plethora of time by teaching their students to avoid them in the first place. Choi further explains their importance by giving an example of a personal fitness trainer, “If you desire to better your health and body, then you’d want to learn from a personal trainer who’s already living that healthy lifestyle. It’s the same with business. You want to learn from a business owner who’s at least 10 years ahead of you, and actively living that lifestyle.”

Chris Choi’s mark on the world of business and lifestyle is undeniable, and only growing each day. To stay in the loop, learn how to set yourself financially free, and see some crazy cars, follow him on Tik Tok or Instagram.

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