Ankur Singh – Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Cyber Security Expert I Founder Of Hilllive Company Setting New Heights in Digital Marketing.

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Digital Marketing is one of the most engrossing topics & has a very bright future in Uttarakhand for those who have a creative mind-set & has the ability to ace in the digital world, said Ankur Singh, an Entrepreneur Digital Marketing Expert and Cyber Security Expert, who possess years of experience in this field and has in-depth knowledge of the online marketing tacticstactics.

A wide array of new fields blossomed over the past decade of the internet and technology where people were more confident to embrace the growth of the internet as a blessing to try out new things Ankur Singh is one such cheerful personality born to think divergently and breaking ground in creative stuff. We all have had dreams to get a successful and independent life where we are not tied by any rules and regulations. Only those who have the courage to prove that they can achieve these dreams have a clear goal and a vision to achieve the best out of the rest. Ankur Singh is such an individual who decided to create his path by understanding the potential of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, Cyber Security, and its power.

Ankur Singh is an Indian Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert & Cyber Security Expert. He has started his company “HillLive” . He has worked a lot in the field of advertising, online media exposure, administrative work, promotion, and web based media promoting. With the current rising trends and the globalisation of everything, the requirement for digital media has increased and organisations or businesses actually require somebody who is able to help them out in the above mentioned areas of expertise.

According to him, a person needs to be stay committed to satisfying their client so that they can build their business properly. A happy client is going to automatically give him free exposure and refer him to other people who are obviously going to avail his services. This is like a win win situation.

Ankur says as the world is gradually shifting to the digital arena, almost every small or big company in India will require some form of digital marketing and that opens the gate of orbit for those who want to pursue their career in digital marketing. After, spending lots of years in his research related to the digital industry. He has put his soul and heart to gather information regarding the strategy and the tools that are used in the market to enhance the result of the company

Hilllive,    is the recent creation of Ankur Singh. He has also gained the name of a very popular politician marketer, apart from having the best digital agency. It is interesting to know that as much as he loves doing creative stuff Ankur Singh is also a passionate entrepreneur. He never let go of his passion and that reminds us all to take the traditional way out forgetting our dreams as he constantly follows for opportunities and trends. So we are all waiting to see more amazing stuff which will change the game in Entrepreneurship, digital marketing and Cyber Security.

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