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Ali Ciwanro about his family, his relationship status and his hometown

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Ali Ciwanro is a successful songwriter and covers an important area of the music industry. Musicians who need help with their lyrics reach out to his services. Today we have Ali with us to get to know him from a completely different side. We talk to him about his personal life and the person behind the gold and platinum records.

Fox: First of all, I want to say that we are very happy to have you here with us right now.

Ali: Thank you very much. I’m also really happy to be here. It’s a nice feeling to be able to talk about my personal life. Usually, I only talk about my work.

Fox: That’s understandable. How has your day been so far?

Ali: Oh, interesting question. I have to say that I only had three hours of sleep last night, which is why I look so tired. Tonight I’ll probably work on another song, then watch a movie and relax a bit.

Fox: Watching a movie sounds great. Are there things currently stressing you out or are you getting little sleep in general?

Ali: Definitely there are things that are bothering me, but I’m actually used to that. I can deal with it. My insomnia is simply because I’ve been working on a lot of projects in the past few weeks.

Fox: Then you know what you have to do. Let’s get to the first real topic, your family. How is the contact and what kind of relationship do you have?

Ali: I’m sorry to say that this is a sore point. In my life there are some things that I think about a lot, my family is one of those things. Unfortunately, the contact has completely disappeared and the relationship is not good at all.

Fox: That’s tough. How does it come to that?

Ali: I don’t know exactly. When it comes to friends with whom you no longer have such good contact, you say that you have drifted apart, but can I say that about my own family?

Fox: Good question. I think it depends on the exact situation

Ali: Anyway, I know we don’t have much in common anymore. I’m even at odds with a few family members, though not all of them. I’ve just learned over the years that even family can be toxic and is not always sacred. You have to detach yourself from that.

Fox: It sounds like you’ve thought about it a lot and found a way for yourself to deal with it. Everyone has to respect that. Well, let’s move on to the subject of love. Are you currently in a relationship?

Ali: No. The subject of relationships is really difficult for me. I’m going to say something that might put me in a bad light. I’m not a relationship guy. I know how that sounds, but that’s not what I mean. Like many people, I want a healthy, stable relationship, but I think that’s impossible for me right now.

Fox: Interesting. Can you tell us more about that?

Ali: Of course. My focus is completely on my career right now and it will probably stay that way for the next few years. A relationship is not a game, we are all out of that age. You have to invest a lot of energy, love and attention in a relationship, and I can’t do that at the moment. I don’t have the time or the energy. It would be unfair to my girlfriend and I don’t want to do that to anyone.

Fox: Very impressive. You’re only 20 years old and you already think so maturely. Last but not least, can you tell us something about your hometown?

Ali: Of course. I was born and raised in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. It’s a very tough, rough area with a lot of problems. Many people are completely lost here, chasing money, cars or women. I hate and love my city in equal measure.

Fox: What is endearing about your hometown?

Ali: The mentality of the people and the sense of community. That’s hard to explain and I think only people from Gelsenkirchen will understand that.

Fox: Well, let’s leave this statement as it is. We thank you for the time you gave us and for the honest answers. We wish you continued success on your way and hope to see you again.

Ali: Thank you very much for the kind words. It was an honor for me.

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