Billionbooks is sponsoring The eight edition of IIT BHU FMC Weekend.

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“We read to know we are not alone.” — C.S. Lewis.

Books play a quintessential role in every person’s life by making them feel heard and visible amidst the dilemma offered by the continually moving world. FMC Weekend, since its inception, recognises the power of reading and has always worked towards encouraging the community to read. We are more than humbled to collaborate with Billionbooks, our book-reading partner, to pave a trail towards a more inclusive and progressive society.

Billionbooks is a one-stop e-commerce platform for the reader community where one can dwell deep into the land of books and buy their favourite books and related merchandise at the most affordable prices one can expect over the internet. Established in 2019 by young entrepreneurs, Mr Shivam Pathak (Founder of Billionbooks) believes in enhancing the reading experience by providing reliable reviews and recommendations. They have a dedicated team that works relentlessly to write compelling blogs that give valuable insights about the books, making it easier for readers to navigate their way towards their best pick. So far, the company trades only in English-language titles and Hindi translations, but it is planning to branch out into the regional languages as well.

The Film and Media Council IIT BHU, Varanasi, has been organising FMC Weekend since 2014 to reach out to the masses and inspire them towards digital arts. We understand the difficulties faced by digital art enthusiasts in finding a platform that encompasses every possible domain under its umbrella. Therefore, we organise multiple digital art events, be it cinematography, photography, journalism, animation, or design. From workshops with highly skilled individuals to guest talks with pioneers in the field, we have it all. Today, we have a community of over 4 lakh people connected to us through Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, and still growing.

BILLIONBOOKS was the Co-Powered Sponsor of FMC Weekend ’21. Adcom products were distributed amongst the winners of various events of FMC Weekend ’22. The logo of BILLIONBOOKS was stitched with the fest logo as the Co-Powered By Sponsor.

We mark the commencement of the 8th edition of FMC Weekend with Picsart as our title sponsor, powered by Lapcare, co-powered by ticker tape and Indian Film Project, co-presented to you by XP Pen, Media partners Amar Ujala and India Education, Design partner Huion, Book Reading Partner BILLIONBOOKS in association with Audio Electronics Partner Urbanista and Learning Partner GeeksforGeeks.

Unlike other platforms, Billionbooks took the path less travelled. Billion Books’ idea is to reach a vast audience, give them quality services, and enhance their experience. The fantastic team at Billionbooks provides you reviews and summaries personally customised for your area of interest and genre.

Billionbook has more than 50,000 registered users presently and has served more than 10,000 customers across the globe. They have generated annual revenue of over INR10-20 lacs. In a short period of time, they have taken this company to greater heights!

“Reading One Book means living one more life then think about What would happen if we have a Billion of lives to live!” – Billion Books. LINK –


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