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Yash Nigam from Kanpur becomes world’s youngest author of hospitality industry! Awarded by Ministry of Tourism

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Mr Yash Nigam , now one of the famous personality amongst hotel industry with a title of “World’s Youngest Author Of Hospitality Industry” & “Awarded From Ministry Of Tourism” a ” World Record Holder”. He has been such a big inspiration & motivation for all the young generations .

He is 21 years old from Kanpur Uttar Pradesh . A boy who is full up with dreams always believes in helping others and consider helping as his hobby . He is a writer, motivational speaker , cricket lover and many more .

Since his early childhood , Yash is a person who always be the serious towards his work .
Especially during this pandemic , all things got changed in his life .

He wrote his first book on a Hospitality & Tourism Industry through which he is selected as the ‘Youngest author in India who wrote book on Hospitality Industry .’
After that he had written his second book published under INSTANT PUBLICATION which helped him alot during the journey and he had created a “World record” and became youngest Author ever Who wrote book on “Hospitality Industry .”
Besides of being so many achievements from his side ,yet the attitude level is zero and always been grounded in his life.

A multi-talented boy not only wrote a book but also gives more than 100 sessions to help all the young hoteliers to motivate and help them during lockdown .Also he is the one who completed more than 30 courses from Foreign Universities(online) during the lockdown time.

His helping & kind nature took him to that level when he himself provides necessary help to all the hotel management students and provide the books and notes free of cost from his pocket money just for them so that they can move ahead in future and can learn.

The main positive point of this boy is he is used to be always polite , always remains calm and most important he always respect to all in same way which is hardly found such a kind hearted person in today’s world .

He always says and believes that if he promise for something , then at any cost he would gain however difficult it would be .
Hard work is the key for success and achieving all these in this age is not a miracle all is just the hard work which pays .
He always says “MAHADEV” is a source of his motivation and he believes in working and GOD IS Seeing everything .He says his parents and his brother have supported him alot during this time .


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