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WOW Women Of Wonder Group Founder Shilpa Venkat honoured with The Queen Award by The Eagle Eye Network

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Shilpa Venkat – Founder of WOW Group

Shilpa Venkat started WOW Women Of Wonder Group, Pune in 2015, a unique women’s group which has facilitated so many Stay at Home Mothers (SAHM) to start small businesses from home. These ladies had to leave their thriving careers because of family responsibilities. The urge to keep doing something on their own has made them small time successful entrepreneurs. Daily business happens in the group, and women are actually getting regular and consistent business orders. We are 2700+ women members from all over Pune on Telegram and growing each day. The group has motivated many women to start small businesses from home and given confidence to many women to start something small on their own. WOW Group has ladies from all fields (as service providers) and we have an equal number of ladies who have joined the group to just avail the amazing services. This is a forum and a great platform wherein daily business happens through the group. The group size being so big there’s absolutely no chaos, or controversies happening in the group. Strict discipline is maintained in the group and it’s a super organized women’s group.

Shilpa also arrange flea markets (exhibition + sale events) exclusively for WOW group members only. These flea markets are organized to give members a great scope to display all their products. The charges are very reasonable for members to put their stalls. 15 successful flea markets have been organized until now. WOW also has Group meets where we have informative sessions, and more!

Initially Shilpa Venkat started WOW on Whatsapp with 12 members. The group went on to grow within the next one year. A friend of hers way back in 2016, suggested to shift WOW on a messenger app called Telegram! “A big question that’s asked by everyone even now: why are we on telegram and not whatsapp or Facebook? Telegram has way better features to manage single bigger groups than whatsapp. When many people demotivated me for choosing Telegram for WOW, I took these discouraging words in a challenging way. Never gave up on my vision. I chose a totally different platform to create a very successful women’s business group in Pune. So here we are on Telegram growing each and every day. It’s a one stop solution for your everyday needs. As the creator and admin of the group, I have made simple yet strict group rules for business to happen in the group smoothly. I am proud to say that our WOW group is the most organized, trustworthy,super disciplined, absolutely zero chaos, zero forward messages, gossip free, trolling free, controversy free group. Imagine this with a group size 2700+ members! (and all women)”, she tells.

Women are definitely getting a lot of business through WOW on a daily basis. Apart from that, members also get a fantastic opportunity to do more business through flea market events. WOW is a great digital community of women, a fabulous ecosystem, which is helping women build bonds beyond business!

Shilpa Venkat was recently awarded The Queen Award by The Eagle Eye Network for professional excellence in the field of women empowerment.


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