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WOMAN by Yogitha Subhash

1 Mins read

If a woman can be as soft as cotton, then she can be as hard as Rock.
If a woman holds the personality of a saint, then she can be a Fierce personality as well.
If a Woman can Respect you, then she can even despise you without having a second thought.
If a woman can be Sati, then she can even become a Kali.
If a woman wear’s a Sindoor on her Forehead,then she can even bleed red as well.
If a woman can leave everything for you,then she can even abandon you for her selfrespect.
If you give a woman your surname, your identity, Then remember your Identity is only because of a woman

Celebrating woman’s day,launching schemes in the name of woman, doesnt make sense…you should also act accordingly…
Respect a women First…
Appreciate her struggle,her work, her Gesture. Not because she needs to be respected but because she DESERVES to be respected.

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