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Wardha Muneeb is a 5th year Doctor of Pharmacy student, from Hyderabad. She is currently 21 years old. She loves reading fiction and non fiction in her free time. She’s also very fond of chess, as for her it represents the arena of life. She’s a dreamer and a go-getter who aspires to be a great writer, poet and a public speaker one day. She stands for her values like feminism, atheism, veganism and minimalism. Her inspiration and role model is Sandeep Maheshwari who owns India’s largest images store called the ‘Images bazaar’. And who also has the largest Youtube’s non monetized channel. 

Inspired by him, she’s determined to be financially free one day, so she can go around the world and do volunteer work which she believes has great meaning in her life. Another person she is highly influenced by is Matthew Hussey @themattewhussey dating coach who is an amazing person with an extraordinary mindset. Wardha has deep interest in subjects like psychology, philosophy, sociology, human behavior sciences etc. After completing her pharmacy she aspires to pursue a doctor of philosophy in social psychology. Success for her is to live a life of progressive growth, to give her best shot in every situation and be cheerful no matter what, as for her, life is a game. 

Currently she is very fascinated by poetry and desires to write beautifully rhymed and elegantly worded poetry that conveys strong psychological and philosophical concepts. She is inclined towards fiction and non-fiction but strongly believes that stories have much more power to influence and inspire people. She’s set her heart on writing fiction stories that exhibit real life critical circumstances and the realistic philosophical approach towards them. You’ll have a clear idea of what it means once you read her story on wattpad called ‘The forbidden fantasy’ which is a love triangle between a student, her senior and her teacher. Wardha  has also written countless poems like ‘Frozen’ ‘Justice’ ‘The why of love’ etc….that convey deep insightful notions of the world and the universe at  @thewardhamuneeb her instagram handle.  She also regularly posts inspirational quotes, creative ingenious one line stories that are both exciting and exhilarating. I’m sure you’ll love them. She has also written a poem called ‘the beast lurking in the dark’ for the anthology “Dressed in blood” which is going to be published soon. 

Wardha aspires to travel the world and grow in knowledge and experience and help others and most importantly contribute towards the betterment of the planet. Her biggest support is her brother who’s been there for her in every phase of life and her father who’s her mentor and the man she looks up to. Wardha is on her quest to keep producing amazing piece of artwork which she believes will change the world in a positive way “it’s a never ending quest , and I have decided to live the journey the Quest”, she says 

In the end, she’s grateful to the magazine ‘Unicorn’ for such an opportunity and to all the readers for taking out their invaluable time to read this.


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