Viral party video brings Finnish PM Sanna Marin under fire

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At just 36 years old, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is the youngest person in the world with this title. After a video of her dancing with friends at a private apartment went viral this week, critics and opposition party members have started wondering if she is having too much fun.

The video footage depicts Marin partying with celebrities, including rappers and social media influencers. According to the BBC, she defended her actions by commenting, “I have a family life, I have a work life and I have free time to spend with my friends.” She further added, “I am going to be exactly the same person as I have been until now and I hope that it will be accepted.” It is worth noting that this gathering did not occur at a public location.

After being elected as Finland’s leader on December 10, 2019, Marin has been frequently critiqued for what some call attending “too many” music festivals and spending more time enjoying herself than governing. Her opposition in the Parliament claims Marin’s behavior is “not fitting for a PM.” After the video of the recent gathering was released, a member of an opposition party demanded that Marin take a drug test.

This isn’t the first time Marin has come under fire for her social life. In December 2021, she had a late night at a Helsinki club that didn’t end until nearly 3 AM. Marin left her work phone at home and missed the news that Foreign Affairs Minister Pekka Haavisto had contracted COVID-19. As Marin had been in close contact with Haavisto, she had received instructions on her work phone to get tested and avoid physical contact with others. However, she was unaware of this as she spent the evening with her husband and friends. Later, she apologized for not using better judgment.

On the flip side, Marin’s supporters applaud her fun-loving conduct, claiming she brings a sense of youthfulness to her role. When Finland’s Social Democratic Party selected her for PM in December 2019, Marin was only 34 years old. She is the youngest head of government in the nation’s history and has won accolades from the publications like Time and Forbes.

Marin’s popularity in Finland has waned since January 2022, but her approval rating was still at 55% as of April.

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