Upcoming Heartening Novelist of India – Sangeetha Sagar from Karnataka

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Sangeetha Sagar wrote two solo books and more than 750 quotes and worked as co-author in more than 35 authorities….

Sangeetha sagar from Karnataka state, Raichur district currently nursing student., having ultimate passion on writing . She hardly believes that writing can change so many people’s heart through words so she want to touch so many people’s heart through her words.
•Author of two solo books called ಭಾವನೆಯ ಮಡಿಲಲ್ಲಿ (bhavaneya madilalli) story of a believer this book is her biography …..
in Kannada language
And she wrote a second solo book called Ūnique souls This book about six friends how that met and how they all started enjoying small small things ..
•Only constant in life is changing.. this line always motivates her in any time or in any situation… everything will change its the only truth of the life …
in the Matter of persons it’s her brother only he is the reason still she is with loyalty and with love , care …
May be without his brother she feel she has nothing to live..

Wrote a own biography at the age of 19 years …

Worked as co-author in more than 30 authorities
Books as co-author ✍??
1. Treasure to be hold
2. Garden of thoughts
3. Heart strings
4. Reactions- aroma of love
5. One side love
6. Series of love
7. My dear sweetheart
8. 3am: knock of anxiety
9. Father love forever
10. Power of pen
11. Astonished
12. Noise of souls
13. Unheard words
14. Ace in heaven
15. Cherishing my infancy
16. A million words romance
17. Kettle of poems
18. The Titan in the dust
19. Unstoppable- the voice of writers
20. Am all yours
21. Cross connections between us
22. The lies hidden beneath
23. Shadows off elder one
24. Challenge your limits
25. The inferno inside me
26. Unknowingly got addicted to you
27. The difference between I was and I am
28. My bro, my life , my hero
29. 12 A.M . Murders
30. The unknown stranger
31. Innocent rose
32. 2035- Robotic world
33. Harsh reality of life
34. Glimpses of word history
35. The desirable angles words Affair
36. The 28 shades and 7 colours
• having a high dream to become a heartening novelist..
And she want to write so many books and want to inspire so many people thought herwords …
And also She want to become a biggest writer in writing field …

•It’s not about hard or smart work it’s always about work .. the work at what time and in which situation you did it … some times being smart is good and some other time doing hard work is best in In her opinion

But She believes in smart work with hard timing

Her inspiration:- Always it’s her brother .. he is the only person who She loved , loving unconditionally.. the man with Rock solid character.. one who never lived for money he always want happiness than money .. toady am a author it’s only because of him and it’s only because of his efforts on me …
Her present life is a gift from her brother of his past struggles ..

In her sense problems are just a reason to say only I believe in work what I do and when I have to do …
May I have lots of problems to say but am strong enough to face all the problems without even thinking they are problems..

So problems are another level of success to overcome

She will be in the list of da . Ra Bendre and Kuvempu in upcoming days

Success is not a progress it’s a process so don’t wait for progress just work with process one fine day you’ll find progress…..
Life is too short to say anything just enjoy every moment without even blinking your eyes …!!!!

Definitely I’ll be most happiest person… in the list of top 10 authors definitely my name will be on the top .. the world will see me in the list of great personalities in the world to inspire …!!


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