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Unknown PG , a successful Artist in the entertainment industry.

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Today new techniques have revolutionized the game and have opened the doors for new people. The music industry has developed where regional music dominates and Bollywood music has attracted foreign music lovers. I have many projects on the list and we working on completing this hope that they should be this year, “unknown PG” said

However, it was not easy for the young man to up with beautiful colors by becoming a YouTuber and artist. He’s started his YouTube channel in 2020. Which provide information and knowledge on various issues. As well as he kept his music open and made sure to do well in this area as well. Variety of songs on many other topics and while delivering the videos, he has kept his journey smooth with his unique talent. He has proved to the world that he is good in the field of music and other techniques that would make him a winner in the mainstream media.

The secret to success is always to work hard. There are no shortcuts on the top. After all, life is not cash. You have to take the stairs. To go up is to try, to fail, and to go back where you are going is called success”, famous Indian composer unknown PG quote of the composer.

He is a multi-talented person and one of the rising names of YouTube. Starting from a very young age in the entertainment industry, the musician worked as a YouTuber before starting his journey as an artist. He is a well-known Youtuber and an artist. Everyone in the world knew him by his artist name “Unknown PG”. But his real birth name is Paras Gola.

He is an Indian musician, influencer, and promoter.

He was born (28 Aug 1995) in New Delhi. Influencer, artist, and promoter in 2019. Started his career on Facebook. At a very small age, he started working as a composer. And now become a success in social media.

 Paras Gola who is also known by his artist name “Unknown PG” from Delhi, is an artist, promoter, composer, blogger, in such a short span. He learned various blogging techniques, tricks and became an effective blogger and digital marketing expert.

During his early years, he opened his secret path to success in building music and content. He continued doing blog till now and became one of the leading artists in India.

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