“Travelling has changed my outlook to life,” says Parthsingh Rajput, the popular Indian Traveller, Writer and Photographer

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मुसाफ़िर हूं यारों, चलता जा रहा हूं।

हर लम्हे को जीते हुए, सफ़र की अंत की ओर,

मुसाफ़िर हूं यारों सफ़र को जी रहा हूं।।

The above lines aptly describe Parthsingh Rajput.

Parthsingh Rajput is a seasoned Indian traveller, a magnetic writer and a passionate photographer from Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Currently working as a Lead in Outsource Industry, Rajput is known for his flamboyant words and travel stories from across the nation.

A commerce graduate, Parthsingh Rajput is constantly working towards achieving his goals. He dreams to change his passion to profession. He staunchly believes in the popular saying, “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.” 

Parthsingh Rajput is a prolific writer. He started writing over five years ago and some of his writings can be read on his Instagram page. He says he was inspired by the reality of life and the varied experiences that he gained during his travels to various parts of India.

“Travelling across India has changed my outlook towards life,” says Parthsingh Rajput as he reveals that he has stopped seeing life as a normal human being. Instead, he is living and treating life as a Musafir (traveller). “A traveller’s journey is full of obstructions and life is just the same. Problems are plentiful here but for every problem, we need to find a solution, just like a traveller crossed all the difficulties to reach his destination,” he adds.

It’s all about the journey. Everyone should try to make the journey as pleasurable as possible for themselves, believes Parthsingh Rajput. A traveller’s experience is always unique as he sees so many aspects throughout the course of his travel, creating memories and leaving footprints everywhere. Destination can be reached in various ways, but it is the journey that matters the most.

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