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Top ten ambitious personalities who inspire the nation

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India is a home of talented and hardworking people, and there are a lot of people who inspire others. We have picked the top ten ambitious Indian personalities who inspire the nation by their contribution to their respective fields of work.

Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh, a poet, philosopher and researcher tops the list with his long list of contributions and constant efforts to inspire the nation. He is the founder of two start-ups and is hustling with and for them. “Hustling is what makes a difference when everyone now has a talent” was his definition of ‘hustling’ in his recent live interview on Instagram.  He hails from one of the least known villages of a small town  Hazaribag in the state Jharkhand. Though he started writing young in his life, this passion is binding him well with poetry and philosophy. He is greatly yet mostly inspired by Albert Camus and Steve Jobs, and this is also what makes him one of the most ambitious personalities  inspiring the nation. His  pholosphy works are yet to be published but his poetry collection “Three Red Roses” is launching late this year worldwide. He posts his works and quotes frequently on his Instagram and Twitter handles to his 50,000+ followers. Finishing off his very short bio by his famous quote “Life is of course full of hardships, the one who wins over them can only see the other side”.

Yashi Lath

Yashi is from Lucknow she is a psychology student and an author by profession. Her world revolves around books and writing is a passion for her. She believes that writing is an emotion that gives the writers freedom to express their thoughts and emotions. She has started her writing journey last year during the pandemic she used to pen down her thoughts in her journal about random stuff. She has also participated in writing challenges and competitions she has secured several ranks in the writing challenges and competitions. She has won several awards and titles this year.

Dr. Anand Kashyap

Dr Anand Kashyap ,M.A.., Hindi Literature,has been selected as an assistant professor by  Chattisgarh Public Service Commission. He has been passionately inclined toward acting and literary work .His acting in “Bhuiyan ke Sarag” , a short film , boradcasted in Raipur Durdershan and his role as Rangaswami in the play”Khuda Khair Kare”have been widely appreciated.He is one of the founder members of  Lok Shringar Bharti,an international institute of Gendi Dance in Chattisgarh .

In his first novel “Gandhi Chowk” Anand has given a vivid depiction of frustration, disappointment and variations in mindset of civil services aspirants , leading to the joy of success too.

Dr. Rosie Patangia

Dr. Rosie Patangia is an Assistant Professor and Head in the Department of English, Narangi Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati, Assam, India. She has done her Ph.D from the Department of Folklore Research, Gauhati University. She is a bilingual poet and has co-authored many poetry Anthologies .Her poems have been published in various newspapers and magazines and translated into Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati. She has a number of publications in books, research journals, peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes on literature and Folklore. She has also received Certificate of Appreciation, Teacher Innovation Award from Sri Aurobindo Society (ZIIEI) in 2019 for Sustainable Efforts towards promoting joyful and Experiential teaching. She is the lifelong member of All India Association for Educational Research, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage and Assam Sahitya Sabha.

Shradha Karuna Sagar

Shradha Karuna Sagar,The Woman who has Passion in her Eyes,Power in her Work,and the Compassion in her heart.She is Phenomenol Poet,Wunderkind Writer And the Youngest Leader and Member of the Humanitarian Organization KSAAUSS the Institution which is based in Uttar Pradesh and Powerfully transforming the Thinking Process of India.She believes that thoughts are one of the most powerful weapons through which anyone can positively change the Picture of this World.She also quoted ” “This World desperately needed a chain of leaders who are willing to come out from their comfort zone and break the chain of regressive ideology and Orthodox Mindset which is constantly weakens our society.Why we wait for someone to come and make this World Beautiful for us Why Should we sit and hate this World when we have the capability to change this World. And I personally would like to invite you all to come and join us on this incredible journey of transforming the thought Process of this World So we can successfully will able to make this World Progressive,Broad and Powerful.”

In 2021,She is Awarded By Limelight Award,Golden Arc Award,Bharatiya Youth face of India,The Talented 30 By Opus Talent Awards and nominated for FSIA The Real Super Woman Awards 2021.

Khyati Shah

Khyati Shah is an Indian writer who currently resides in Toronto, Canada and currently working as an AML Data Analyst in an MSB.

Apart from profession, Khyati is an artist, a poet, a writer and a dancer who has taken dance training of Bharatnatyam and many Indian folk dances.

She pours her emotions, experiences, imaginations and analysis of different aspects to her writing. She believes writing as a therapy to mind, heart and soul. She emphasizes positive writing believing the responsibility of a writer towards the readers and thus the society. Through her write ups, she tries to spread love, happiness and positivity.

Akshay Kumar S

Mr. AKSHAY KUMAR S is an undergraduate student.  He is currently studying engineering course, pursuing in mechanical stream; second year in R V INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT. He is an Engineer to be in couple of years.

He is from the Silicon city, IT hub-Bengaluru, Karnataka state.

He is always been a keen learner and a competent professional. In any field, his efforts are sincere, meticulous and result oriented.

He doesn’t have a specific area of interest; you can call him as an allrounder. Whatever work he does, he gives one hundred percent and does it to the fullest with a lot of dedication and determination.  He is a hard worker as well as a smart worker.

He is an occasional singer, good orator and a writer, loves watching and playing cricket and football, and every other sport.

He is socially connected and responsible, doesn’t get set backed in any situation.

He always follows and has inculcated a line:” DHAIRYAM SARVATHRA SAADHANAM” (Courage is tool everywhere).

He has been a co-author and contributed to many anthologies and publications of books in a very short span of time (in less than one month), participated in many writing contests by submitting my technical articles which are very helpful for the present world like (5G technology, solar windows, neuralink, deliverance of life saving oxygen, hydrogen fuel vehicles etc) also got consolation prize or a special mention for the article from the jury panel in a particular writing competition. Participated in many poetry competitions, two to three national level poetry competitions one of which conducted by (highest rated online contest organizer on GOOGLE) and many more, also received the certificates for the same.

Writings are submitted to the national level writing contests too. Received many appreciations from the organisers and compilers that they have suggested my name and contact details to many of the others to rope in me for their works and contests. Secured top 3 positions in some competitions.

He is just a budding writer and crawling into this field, but in spite of everything, he has got numerous of appreciations for his writings, thoughts, expressions and communications. He has nominated in various awards; all the results were shown SUCCESS. This is what he is contributing to the field as a budding one, being very passionate enough. Nothing much stories to tell about him, all is that; This is just a beginning!

He is soon to be get notified and verified on google as founder and CEO of his own company.

Out of 800 writings, his writings were selected in top 35.

This shows his strength and capabilities.

Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee

Sumana was born at a small town of Bankura, West Bengal. Her early childhood was spent at Sudamdih, Dhanbad. She did her class x from Indian School of Learning, Sudamdih and passed out +2 from Delhi public School   Dhanbad. She opted for English Language & Literature for her higher studies. She completed her Masters in English Language & Literature from Burdwan University.. From her college and university days she has a fascination to be a teacher. She worked few years as English secondary teacher in one of the reputed schools of Kolkata. But she never left her passion of writing. She established herself as a published author with her first book Life Through My Eyes which is already trending in all the major online sites. She also worked as co author in few anthologies under banner of some of the reputed publication houses like Wordsgenix publication, Dreamer’s Shelf publication, Flairs & Glairs Publication, BFC publication.Her second book a kind of self help book for the newbies in writing will soon be launched.

She is a motivational speaker too. You can follow her Instagram page as well as her youtube channel.

A simple loving girl who believes in hard work and simplicity. 

Follow her at 

Instagram handle author_sumana

Ishrat Jahan Noormohammed Khan

A Teacher, A Speaker and A Writer, Ms Ishrat Jahan Noormohammed Khan holds 17 years of teaching experience as full time Teacher at present she is designated as Asst. Head Mistress for Secondary and Higher Secondary section at St. Anthony’s Convent Higher Secondary School, Badlapur, Maharashtra and she has 5 years teaching Experience as a part time Teacher and 12 years of teaching experience in Coaching Classes.

She has a lot of achievements and is still in process, she started her career at a very early stage of life and she possesses a quality of passionate Teacher and Passionate writer too.

 Her Achievement are inexorable.She is achiever of more than 200 awards and 1000 plus participation certificate.

Sabbi Ansari

Sabbi Ansari, a middle class, resides in the silk city Bhagalpur, Bihar.

She is pursuing  Maths honours. Naturally She is an introvert and she loves to explore things in life.If She isn’t spending time with her family and friends, you can always find her in the garden with pen, paper and her imagination. She has started writing in the 2019 lockdown. She has taken part in many poetry competitions and also works as a co-author in more than 20 anthologies. She has also compiled three anthologies namely Shaksiyat, Naari ek Samman and Emotion without direction and many more are on the way. Recently she has started a writing community also. She is nominated as the best writer by Attainers Award organised by Jec Publication. She is also the nominee of Inked Wings Award organised by Achieve Mania. She is also featured as the literary rising stars of India in ‘Entrepreneur ethics’ media. She is in the Google search. Her hobby is to do social work. Her aim is to become a teacher in the future.


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