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Top 10 Deserving Writers of India – An article by Flairs and Glairs

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Every writer is deserving in their own way, and deserves credit for what they have written.

But always, some are better than the rest.

Here we are, featuring 10  most deserving writers of India.

You will find below more about them, how to connect with them, and also some of their best written contents.

The 10 Authors include :

1) Vivek dutta Mishra

2) Simran Thakur

3) Grishma Ninave

4) Ayan Deghuria

5) Utkarsh Dubey

6) Khyati Dinesh Jagtap

7) Amrita Gupta

8) Tanya Shaw

9) Juhi Prakash Singh

10) Sabita Dakua

Let us know about them Individually :-

Vivek Dutta Mishra

“Only Storytellers, after God, have the power to create a new Universe” — Vivek Dutta Mishra

Do you like reading fiction based on grand Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata? There are two types of storytellers in this realm — those who base their stories on TV shows and other contemporary narratives turn them into fifty shades of gray and the other who strive to discover The Lost Epic, by doing serious and extensive research of authentic scriptures? Would you read authors who feel it is their right to twist the story anyway they like or would you rather read those who feel with great power comes great responsibility? Would you be happy to read a narrative that transforms a heinous evil into a tragic hero and heros into conniving villains or a story that tells what made the legacy of those heroes immortal? 

If you want to read a story that masterfully blends politics and war, spirituality and science, blurring the gap between love and hate, peace and war, and fiction and reality  and yet is firmly grounded on Dharma such that it doesn’t damage the core fabric of the epic, you need to look no further. 

The book has proved  its own credibility and that of its author, beyond any doubt by being ranked as #1 best-seller. What makes the story great and refreshing is not just the fact that it can be considered as the origin story of Mahabharata predating Kauravas and Pandavas but a testimony to the fact that a compelling Mahabharata narrative may have existed in the lives of lesser known and sidelined characters like Chitrangada or Vichitraveer. Have you ever thought what a five year old Prince Kansa would be like?

What makes Vivek Dutta Mishra, a deserving author, is well expressed by one of his reviewers — The author sets himself the limits: he would let his imagination soar to heights but his feet would be firmly grounded in Dharma, Dharma the epic is supposed to uphold. And for sure, it is something rare in this genre. 

But what is beyond rare and unique is the in-depth understanding and coverage of Divyastra — a tale that makes every other modern narrative talking about Divyastra as flawed and inaccurate by miles. And you would be surprised it always existed in our epic. Won’t you agree then, it is a lost epic?

What makes the author’s work a rare gem is not just his style of storytelling, his plot, his unique perception, or his attempt to rediscover the lost epic, but a blend that can be summed up as —  A known saga that takes you to an unknown journey  ending as the time stood still on an impossible juncture.

But Vivek Dutta Mishra, isn’t just the best-selling author of an epic fiction. He is a storian, poet, podcaster, researcher, and stage play director. He has written hundreds of  extensively researched, well articulated articles, for his ambition The Mahabharata Project to  weed out the distortions done to our epic.

As a storian, Vivek is currently inviting other  authors to co-host a show called “Author Connect”, where they share their first hand experience, motivations and challenges that a storyteller faces on their journey towards being a published author. On one hand this show provides readers an insight into the pains and struggle an author faces in bringing out the story and on the other hand motivates the storian within the reader to embark on their destiny of being an author. 

Vivek generously invites his fan base to connect with him and ask their questions regarding his work or their own aspirations. He is reachable on —

The Author: 

The Accursed God: 

The Storian: 

The Mahabharata Project:


Simran Thakur

Simran Thakur is a budding writer and poet in the youngsters. A young girl with enormous 

thoughts proved that we accomplish anything with their hard work, focus and devotion. Simran 

is a tremendous example for the youth and the students who believe in themselves more than 

what people talk about behind their backs. A surprising fact about Simran is that in the recent 

platform where she is standing today, at this young age, she attained it without any mentor or 

guide. But Simran says, “yes, she is here because she works for it day and night. She learns 

things on her own as much as she can; her hard work gives results too. She has been awarded 

many titles during their journey, and because of it, she got the respect of others. But the story is 

not finished yet. Simran believes that if the right mentor or guide comes into her life, she will do 

better than today. Simran heartedly wishes for a mentor who can help her in the right direction 

and can put more perfection in her.”

Simran Thakur lives in Delhi. She completed her graduation in engineering in 2021. Her golden 

advice to all is, “Start with small, rather than to stuck in zero. There is no right time to start; 

whenever, from which point you start, your time will start. So, stop waiting; start from now.” 

Writer Simran Thakur believes in making the impossible, I’m possible and has proved this 

through her practical work in the field. Hard work is the path to success, although it is full of 

hurdles and problems; to be a winner, one needs to pass through these hurdles and succeed. 

Simran’s story is continued inspiration, with each adventure seemingly more successful than the 

last. But like anyone else, Thakur has occasionally experienced adversity, judgements, taunts, 

and facing significant challenges that tested her perseverance, resolve, and will to take the next 

step. But she always chooses to look forward and perform for tomorrow rather than listen to the 


The journey of a most simple, shy and introverted girl in her school time took a turn that became 

a reason to transform her completely. Because of her dedication, focus, and writing skills, she is 

here on the list of one of the “Top 10 deserving writers of India.” Simran deserves this title 

because she gives her every minute to improve and write better. It doesn’t mean that she never 

gets failures or downfalls, but she always chooses to fight and learn from their mistakes, and that 

is why she is continually growing in her desired field and working for the upcoming day.

Some recent achievements of Simran Thakur are: –

Simran is awarded with “Be Star Awards2021” in the Author’s category. She was honoured with 

“Proficient writer of the year2021.” Also, she gets the title “Top100 Asia’s Influential Woman 

Award” in the Author’s category. She gets the “Indian Glory award 2022” in the “best writer 

category and “she is a “Spectrum India awardee 2022” in the writer’s category. Her name came in 

the “International creatives of the month (March)2022. Rather, she is the author of five books. 

She wrote more than sixty poetries and fifty plus write-ups (essays, articles, quotes, etc.). Her 

work is published on the websites of “The story vault” and “Hashtag Kalakar.” Simran performed 

all of these in 1.8 years of short time. She works to grow more and learn more. A bright future is 

waiting for her prominent dreams. She is undoubtedly, be the next face of Indian Literature.


Grishma Ninave

“Only when one feels light and darkness one is called alive.”

Through ‘JAGRITI – AWAKENING OF THE SOUL”, Grishma Ninave brings to you the various elements of human life, the driving force of one’s existence, EMOTIONS. Emotions of all kinds, happiness, tears, hope and loneliness, faith and betrayal, light and darkness. Be they good or bad, these emotions are the ones that make one feel alive. These are the ones that awaken one’s soul.

The book is a collection of poetries, short stories, articles, and open letters. Some will make you smile, some might make you cry, but to all of them, one will relate at some point in life. 

The book brings shredded pieces of literature that will wrench your soul and pour your heart with fulfillment.

A student of science and an admirer of arts, Grishma is a science student cherishing the craft of writing. She has been a successful member of the publishing industry and has contributed as an awarded author, writer, compiler, project head, blogger, and reviewer for years. A minion Millenial with extra-large dreams. When not reading, she listens to music. 

She is a firm believer that music is what can revive and reconcile the world. She loves traveling to places with mountains, trees, hills, and treks. The guiding light in her life is the quote, “Don’t search for happiness because it’s not something you find; it’s something you create!”

She is currently working as a Content Writer serving audiences across various counties, including India and the USA. She also actively spreads awareness about mental health issues and women’s empowerment. Her love for writing is the source of her happiness, and she dreams of a world where the expression of thoughts is liberal, honest, and accepted openly.


Ayan Deghuria

Ayan Deghuria is a CLASS-10 student. He is from Bankura, West Bengal. He is a down to earth man who wants to do something for humanity.

Ayan Deghuria is co-author of two successful anthologies. He is a Proficient Writer Awardee 2021 by Flairs and Glairs.He is also a man of Astronomy. He has done a lot of great things in the field of Astronomy. His favorite subjects are Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy.

He loves to read books. His favorite book is The Alchemist a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.

He aspires not to live a simple life like others, he wants to do something great something out of the box. Ayan Deghuria believes that in life we always need to hear to our heart but carry our mind at the same time. He also believes that in life we should always live in the present moment and enjoy our life to the fullest.

He realised himself as a writer during the year 2020. He started writing during the lockdown period. He wrote his first book in the year 2020 only.


Utkarsh Dubey

If starting something for fun and start killing have a name then it will be :- ” Utkarsh Dubey “

This 21 year old boy haven’t done alot work in this field but still making a great impact on the readers by his Pinch and Selective words which he use in his Poems, Poetry, Quotes , Short story.

He loves to read, recite and write by his pen name 


कलाकार नहीं ,

कला का किरदार हु ,


He himself says, that he start writting just to use his free time better, but later on he start enjoying his own writeup and decide to make them public via publish them in a book. 

His first poetry publish in ‘Ankahi Baatein’ by True Dreamster ( publication house ) which was quite successful among readers and motivates him to write more.

His two famous poetry from that book are :- 

–  जितना हाथों में संघर्ष लिखा है। 

   उतना माथे पर उत्कर्ष लिखा है।। 


– “मुदतों से मैंने कोई ख्वाब नही देखा, 

   हाथ रख दे कोई आँखो पे की नींद आ जाए “


Along with this he’s the co author of some other books also:- 

– Iqtibas ae maahol

– Nibble my thoughts

– Horizon

– The lost words 

– The night talks 

– The mysterious life 

– Rosebud 

– copper heart 

– मुकम्मल – ए – मित्रता 

– ख्वाबों ka सिलसिला 

On counting with these books he has compile 35+ books till now and working on some more Project .He has also won several poetry competition on different stages like:-

:- Ram bhumi poojan 

:- Women empowerment

:- Navratri and society

:- Independence day 

:- Poetshala workshop 

:- Best co author award

Beside all these stuff he loves doing photography and hanging at new places for new vibes which helps him to write . Writting someone’s other emotions in his own word is his favourite genre of writting . Very soon he’s going to start writting blogs and articles on different social and current topics.


Khyati Jagtap

Khyati Dinesh Sharda Jagtap is a verse maker(poet) published in title such as ‘SECRET’ , ‘Sufiyana Ishq’ and more additional upcoming title as ‘Retrouvilles’ , ‘Romance’ ,

‘HURT’ , ‘Thoughts of around’ which are shortly going to be out. She believes that ‘Poetry has soul on its own’ , it’s certainly not at all inferior then a story or a novel. She’s just sixteen, but the beauty to her poetry by using immense phrases and expressing her emotions, can tear once heart.She a future psychologist, a modern contemporary and Latin dancer, an artist, and also a certified author but that’s really the present tense. She’s a sucker for meaningful and thoughtful poems.

Also have a look at her poetry page on Instagram: _blissfullthoughts for her magnificent poetry’s.

Let us go through two of her poetry titled – *The unaware side*

Separations are unusually usual at present,

But no means, it isn’t simply painless,

Overlooking to it seems effortless, 

But letting it slip, isn’t!

Universe isn’t really enlightened of non-success

As equal as this,

Victory isn’t unfailingly constant but neither non performance are the total upcoming,

At hours while ourself sense shattered, unaware and discouraged,

Uncertainty doubting our soul is all that one continues its way to,

Along with the nightmare of being discriminated, misjudged and compared,

Entirely at one point, it observes as life has paused, and it’s solely us only who is suffering, 

Cause usually all we seem to notice at exterior are untroubled individuals profiles on social platforms,

We fail to remember that this isn’t reality, 

and it’s not only one self struggling in the battle,

Cause at the end,

Initially everything has a unaware side to it.


Exactly as intimacy is so accidental,

Here things I can’t tag 

as its such heavenly connection,

For the reason that 

Love manner to me means you,

it’s possibly complicated for else,

Yet so whole of passion for ourself,

Tagging this, won’t be fair 

since it’s you,

The one more to me

Then whatever,

I couldn’t give up myself drawing towards you,

I couldn’t make off my inner mind dreams of you,

I couldn’t pull out the thought of our fingers wrapped in ourself,

While here all the act falls,

I feel for you,



Amrita Gupta

New Name In The List Of The Top Deserving Writers Of India

Kolkata, West Bengal: “Pen has More Power than the Sword.” This statement is so relevant in today’s scenario. India is growing as a capital for writing with the emergence of multiple new talents. The latest addition to the list of the top deserving writers of India is Amrita Gupta. 

Her name is now coming up in various events as one of the exponential persons in the heart of the City of Joy, Kolkata. With her exclusive writing skills, Gupta has managed to draw the attention of hundreds of readers across the globe. Being a content writer and digital marketer by profession, Amrita is now heading towards being one of the most promising writers in India. 

Recently, the list of India’s top 10 deserving writers has been published. It is overwhelming to announce that Amrita Gupta occupies one of the positions on this list. Her writing capabilities influenced the young generation to read more. 

The Writers Association of India announced that the style of Amrita’s writing could touch the hearts of the modern audience and bring forth the unsaid words of ordinary people. The power of the right choice of words has added a new dimension to the world of literature and creative writing. 

They further added, “Soon, these exclusive writeups will attract the whole world.” 

It is a fact that the global audience can also relate now to the excellent content writing capabilities of Miss Gupta through online blogs and articles. Being an entrepreneur herself, Amrita is confident and wishes to write more for her beloved audience. This time, she is all set to launch a book also. 

Some e-books are already there penned by this brilliant author. Amrita writes in both fictional and non-fictional categories. Her journey started with being an ordinary MBA graduate and continues further with tremendous success in the field of Digital Marketing. 

The year 2022 rewards her for all the hard work for 25 years. She got a new title for being a prominent name as one of the deserving writers of India. The upcoming days will show more promising opportunities in the world of writing.


Tanya Shaw

Tanya Shaw is an MBA graduate, residing in the city of joy, Kolkata.

She is currently working in TCS and pens down a heartfelt note motivating all those who are too tired running in the race of life.

Check out her more such content at:

Instagram- @quotes_.unlimited


Let us read an amazing poem by her Titled –


Hey you ! Yes, you!

I know you’ve been running lately, running faster than the clock.

But it’s time for you to take a break, it’s time for you to stop.

I know you’re too busy, and do not have time in hand.

So what if you can’t sit down? Just take a deep breath and stand.

Too much pressure to handle but you always have to be on the go,

Silently you smile away, and the pain behind it you do not show.

Sometimes it becomes suffocating, you barely survive through each day.

No one to hold your hand and guide, solely you carve your own way.

I know you feel like giving up at times, but really do not have a choice.

When all you’re looking for is silence, but everywhere you find just noise.

But that’s what I want to tell you, that you’re not as weak as you think.

All these years you’ve fought like a warrior and this phase too shall pass in a blink.

Stop crying and look at yourself, it’s the same person who reached till here.

And when you could come so far my friend, then what’s there to fear?

Don’t think you’re alone, the Lord is always by your side.

He’ll take you in his arms , whenever you feel the need to hide.

Have faith on yourself, you will definitely make it, I know.

Just take a step one by one, go steady and slow.

Your life will be full of joys and exactly how you dreamt it to be.

Don’t listen to others, just follow your heart and set yourself free.

Till then, just relax yourself with Netflix and Chill.

You had achieved it yesterday and I know again tomorrow you will.


Juhi Prakash Singh

A short story by the author Titled – “The Saved who turned  Saviour” 

Dimple was the eldest of three siblings and also the most outgoing and headstrong amongst the three. Her outgoing and bold nature had  made her sporty, strong willed and a master of her own free will. 

Unlike her younger sister, she was bright, inquisitive and open to learning new things and this was how she learned to drive a car just by sitting next to her father during their family outings. She believed that the day she would drive herself would be the day she would be truly free. 

This thought was a constant thread in her young and rebellious mind.  One day, fed up of her parent’s constant arguments and abuses, she wanted to desperately breakaway from all of it. On a spur of the moment, she picked her father’s car keys

and recklessly drove away with the car to a friend’s place nearby in the same colony.  She was just 16 then !  

Ah! the feeling of freedom, it was as if she had suddenly sprouted  wings of freedom to soar unhindered in the vast blue sky,  like a bird that has just learned to fly . 

Her feeling of joy and finally coming in her own was unfortunately cut short  very predictably by her bestfriend’s mother. Like most gossipping neighbourhood aunties, she too thought it to be her good citizen’s solemn duty to immediately alert as well as educate Dimple’s unaware parents about the dangers of underage driving ! 

As she had expected, Dimple faced the severe wrath of her parents and was banned from leaving the house for a week.To a freebird like Dimple this was like putting her in a cage. 

Dimple’s teenage psyche which was already in a rebel mode became further rebellious and belligerent. Dimple decided to score even with her always scolding and  reprimanding parents. 

The next morning, Dimple woke up before everyone else and sneaked out into the  early morning stillness of her street. She planned to have a liesurely stroll and return back home before her parents were awake.  She loved the smell of early mornings and taking in a deep breath of the fresh morning air, she was about to break into her favourite jingle when suddenly a heart rending shriek rent the still early morning air from somewhere nearby.  

Dimple could instantly make out that it was the painful shriek of the street dog down the street whom she often petted and fed on her way to and fro. 

She immediately rushed in the direction of the shrieks and to her horror saw a roadside beggar drunkenly beating and hitting the poor dog with a thick thorny stick after having tied it  to a pole. The poor and helpless dog was whimpering and shrieking in pain. 

Dimple was an ardent animal lover and could not bear to see this sight. She was overcome with a wave of rage and  rushed to the cruel and sadistic beggar, shoved him aside very hard and away from the poor dog. Untying the poor dog, she kneeled down to see deep gashes and bleeding wounds on its body. She immediately cupped up the injured dog in her arms and ran back home. Putting it down in the verandah, she gently cleaned the poor dog’s wounds and lovingly stroking it, fed it some biscuits and water. 

The dog looked up into Dimple’s loving and caring eyes with its wide melting brown eyes and it was then that a bond of unwavering loyalty and love was formed  between the dog and its human caregiver. 

Dimple’s mother found out about her early morning escapade soon but seeing the injured dog lying in her daughter’s lap, she  too was overcome with a rare wave of kindness and for once she said nothing to Dimple. 

Very soon the dog became a permanent resident of Dimple’s street and would remain loyally parked at the gates of her house. The bond between Dimple and the dog became stronger and stronger each passing day and soon the dog found a night shelter in the covered outer verandah of Dimple’s house and it was soon lovingly named Milo by her. 

Dimple was a genuine animal and dog lover and  also an active member of the animal welfare organisations in her town and believed firmly that all animals should be treated kindly and had a right to live. Her good work for animal welfare had earned her a good name in society. 

Time flew by,  Dimple started to  work as a senior teacher  in a reputed public school in her town. Alongside, she also started heading the district branch of the Dog Warriors Group. 

One day, like on any other winter evening, Dimple was returning home after supervising the local Indie (Street dog) Home located in her adjacent  neighbourhood. It was almost 8 pm and she hurriedly parked her car in the colony parking and was casually walking down her street engrossed in talking to her closest friend Roopali who was also her colleague in the same public school when all of a sudden she felt a hand snatching away her mobile and her handbag from her. 

She opened her mouth to scream but the scream just froze in her throat and the two thieves started to speed away into the distance with her belongings…  realising that she would lose her phone and bag for good, Dimple started to run behind the fleeing thieves and finally finding her voice started to scream loudly, “Help ! Help !” 

Her screams for help seemed to just echo down the almost empty street when she saw her faithful dog Milo barking and running  down from the opposite direction,  gnashing its teeth. Soon it was on the ankles of the thief riding pillion and dug its sharp canines into his ankle, the thief screamed in pain  and losing his balance caused the motorcycle to swerve violently and come crashing down on the street. 

The two thieving scoundrels were forced to  drop Dimple’s mobile and bag like hot potatoes as they were desperately trying to detach themselves from Milo’s grip in  preparation to flee, when Dimple reached up and caught hold of them. 

By then a few other passersby also rushed in, having heard the screams and angry barking. The two thieves were quickly kicked and dragged by the passersby to the nearby police chowki and the street  soon fell silent and quite again… 

Only Dimple and her beloved Milo had remained behind and now all Dimple could do was cry and cuddle her brave and loyal dog Milo…… 

It was the milestone day when  the Saved ( Milo) had become the Saviour ….

You can connect with the author on Instagram. 

Insta- juhi.prakashsingh


Sabita Dakua

“Relationship Dilemma” – The first solo book by the Author.

Relationship Dilemma is struggles and confusion behind a relationship this content has been written by Sabita Dakua i.e. myself.

I will tell story behind this interesting content how it striked and made it beautiful to all stories which is involved in this book.

Normally we come across many gossips of relationship but in my case I have became an evident in each story as supporter of victims and taking out from this life. My main aim was to motivate them and moveon in life. Many have always thanks and appreciated for timely response as well as support. Genuinely one of my friend suggested me to write on this content as I have always shared few interesting stories about it.

My journey of book has started with 15+ coauthors participation and 2book’s compiling. I learned many things from this and managed my own professional, personal as well as student life with all this contents. My vision was to sort each individual problems and motivate from this book as mediator. Let people realise self worth and move ahead in life. I would appreciate if you read and give general view about stories so that I can improve myself always.

Thank you for Reading and being patient throughout.


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