Top 10 Books of 2021 that everyone must read

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Books define the personality and character of a human. Here are some of the best books that you must definitely read in 2021!

Lucid Dream’s: Let’s Refine Love by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar

The best selling romance “Lucid Dream’s: Let’s Redefine Love” by G. Mehul Krishna Kumar is a delight for every reader. The book surely penetrates the soul of young and old with fresh lyrics that speaks about relationship, emotions and embarks on a journey from being a failure to success with utmost support of family in rescuing the value of love. A story of two lovers who loved each other but were destined to stay apart. Their tale of love involves the emotions of family and friends results in a typical bollywood saga. In true sense the author has succeeded in giving an all new definition to the term Love.

Bloom by Sneha Narayanan

This Amazon bestseller explores the themes of body positivity, female empowerment, self-acceptance and gratitude. It depicts the journey of healing through self-love. Raw and unfiltered, this poetry book by the poet-author Sneha Narayanan is creating waves and it’s definitely not one you can afford to miss.

Hinduism to Management by Dr. (Hc) Piyush Goel

Hinduism to Management is not just a book, but set of underlying principles of Hinduism , their deeper meaning and importance for transformation of human race and application in day to day lives for upliftment of society, nation and entire globe. Human beings will get a roadmap of righteous and successful living by understanding hidden meaning behind Hinduism , Sanatan Dharma.

Dr(Hc)Piyush Goel is a resident of Bangalore and an MBA in Marketing/HR By his credentials who renounced his corporate life to live his passion and dream.

He is blessed as
1. A Yoga Entrepreneur – Founder-President of Renowned International Brand “Trinetra Yoga”
2. Vedic Astrologer
3. Author of Hinduism To Management
4. Occult Science Master

Eternal Trudges by Sailee Tiwari

The book holds different forms of poetry – Acrostic, couplets, quatrains, and free verses. They are written with utmost sentiments. While some are heartfelt and vestiges of my memories, others are a quest seeking reality and raising questions in life.

Sailee is the author of the novels ‘Extra Ordinary’, ‘Eternal Trudges’ and ‘The Crooning Wishes. She is a software engineer by profession. She is active on various writing applications and has contributed to more than 12 anthology novels. She is also compiling an anthology called ‘Peace and Panacea’. Besides writing, she adores art like photography, jewellery making, handicrafts and travelling.

She has won several awards like India Prime Icon Award 2021 in association with Foxclues, Kalam Ratna Awards, ‘Special mention’ in Cherry Book Awards, Spectrum awards for ‘Inspiring Women 2021’, Writer’s Ink Awards 2021, Sahityakosh Samman 2021 and so on. She is featured on various news channels and magazines like Outlook India, The Week, Daily Hunt, Menafn, The Celeb Lyf, and Nagpur Oranges.

Little me in everyone by Eddyee Siingh

Eddyee’s latest book “Little Me In Everyone” is already a bestseller. The book explains how every human is born with a “genius”, a guardian spirit allocated at birth. Our whole life is inside our Mind, which is a prism refracting the light of everything around and within us. Caged in this mind is the ‘Little Me’ helping us, talking to us, questioning us, and nurturing us all along the way. Even when no one believes in us, the ‘Little Me’ does. It evolves in multiple realms, the only sustenance it gets is through introspection and reflection done in the state of awareness.

The eternal conversations we have, our struggles for justifications and morals, and our gut feelings are what shape the voice of our ‘Little Me’. It grows inside the spiritual realm of energy and the soul as we also grow with each new experience in life. The Self, the Ego and the Pride evolve from and dissolve within a person’s ‘Little Me’.

Every time we indulge in self- doubt and self- pity, the ‘Little Me’ loses a little bit of its brilliance but eventually it thrives on the knowledge we acquire in life and assists us to transform it into wisdom. In pursuit of maintaining our outer self we get so engrossed that this little me gets abandoned in the wilderness of darkness created by us.

In this book you’ll find the reflections of everyone’s ‘Inner Self’ and ‘Little Me’, protected by Spirit Guide “Genius” thus guiding us to learn and rejoice every moment of being alive despite the perplexities of life.

Miles and Fears by Rekha Mordani

‘Miles and fears’ is an engaging fiction novel that speaks aloud about the fears a soldier’s family copes with when the soldier stands miles away to guard the nation. It is a romance novel that has been set in Kashmir and new Delhi. The story revolves around a Kashmiri Hindu girl who has endured the pain of exodus in her childhood. Shireen doesn’t understand what triggered the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. Having witnessed frequent bloodshed and religious riots in Kashmir, every day, she struggles to free herself of the fears of losing her parents. She only sees the ruthless, marauding face of the Indian Army in Kashmir. Hence, relocating to Delhi is the only way she finds to get rid of fears. Major paramjeet Singh is a fearless, valiant, sturdy soldier who willfully conducts counterterrorism actions. He is well-known for military tactics. He is a man of stability in a difficult, violent situation, even in his personal life. He accidentally met shireen in the cacophony of bomb blasts. Since he saved her family and accomplished the mission, shireen became inclined towards him. Gradually a series of unplanned meetings brought them closer. In the process of getting grips with one fear, she eventually coats to the ocean of fears when she marries a soldier. I Mr an is shireen’s Tower of strength. He is her only companion to celebrate her little achievements, as trivial as hitting snowballs right on the target. While life was unfolding delightful chapters, a mishap happens which turns their lives upside down. It outrages shireen, weakens her strongest bond. So, will shireen be able to fight her fears? Does she ever find peace and achieve her aim? What made her stronger? Find the answers in the winsome story of this Novel which can melt even the hardest heart.

Soulmates.. love is forever by Harjeet Sra

The book ‘ is forever’ is debut novel of Harjeet Sra published by Petals Publishers and Distributors, Ludhiana. It is an enthralling and poignant tale of love, friendship, and sacrifice. It trails the soul stirring and passionate journey of Ruhi, the main protagonist who lives in a small and picturesque hill town along with her two childhood friends. The book unfolds Ruhi’s struggles and dilemmas in unravelling the mystery of her true soulmate along with intertwined pertinent issues threatening the pristine beauty of her hill town. How she battles against the people trying to convert the hilltown into concrete jungle with strong support of her friends is realistically portrayed in the novel. The engrossing love story with a strong environmental issue at the backdrop has hit the right chords with the readers.

Woke Seed Book by Karon Gaines

Written by the literary superstar Ka’Ron Gaines, Woke Seed Book is based on a story based around a child named Light who visits his Uncle’s place without having plans of doing so. This unplanned trip sees Light making new friends, having more fun and getting more ideas, he also manages to squeeze time to have deep and meaningful conversations with those around him and starts to develop a better understanding of life. The book has colourful pages which would make the reading experience, even more, better for your young ones.

Direct from the heart by Yashi Lath

The book titled direct from the heart is a poetry book and a small tribute to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput which includes several poems about different themes of literature. The book includes themes like cohesiveness and unity, the beauty of nights, and the significance of friendship. Some special poems in the book will give a glimpse of the special meanings of the world. 

Yashi is from Lucknow she is a psychology student and an author by profession. She is a bookworm who finds a whole new world in novels. She likes to express herself through her writings. She is an explorer who likes to explore new stuff and places. Her world revolves around books and writing is a passion for her she believes that writing is an emotion that gives the writers freedom to express themselves.

The love research by Yashas Ramesh

*Trust is an important pillar in every relationship…*

*Aryan*-23, workaholic and a senior scientist at CSIR, Pune. _Work is my closest friend and a foe at the same time_ is his motto.

*Anjali*-22, a jovial, happy curious, don’t care attitude girl. Working as a journalist in the _Bombay Times_ newspaper. _Life is a crazy Rollercoaster and you must hold onto it at any cost_- is what she believes.

An unexpected situation brings them together. As time passes, the well known workaholic person makes a gentle transition due to the impact of the friendship from the jovial girl. Later, the bridge of friendship between them gets destructed in an act of betrayal. Will their friendship last? Will they meet again?

Through this emotional roller-coaster, Yashas Ramesh explains the importance of trust and belief which is the heart of every relationship.

Mr. Yashas Ramesh is one of the budding author in the Indian literature field. He is aged around 19 years and is currently living in Mysore, Karnataka. He is obsessed with science fiction novels and movies. Space and cosmos have always intrigued him. He is a bibliophile and a book enthusiast. To fulfil his passion, he joined as an intern to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) under the category of overseas work. He is currently handling the telecommunications of different missions. At present juncture, he is currently pursuing Bachelors of commerce at Devala Maharshi Trinity degree college, Vijayanagar 2nd stage, Mysore and Bachelors of Engineering in the branch of Electronics and communication at a private engineering college situated at outskirts of Mysore simultaneously. 

He is an avid reader of novels in different genres, a hobby cyclist, a cook and a writer. He also composes short pieces on keyboard and tries to improvise his music skills.

Hack the hackers before they hack you by Arya Tyagi

Arya Tyagi is a famous 17 years old boy from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. A young Digital Entrepreneur , Cyber Security Researcher , Social Media Marketing Consultant, Author of Hack the Hackers before they Hack you, and Founder of Entrepreneur Ethics.

His debut book contains very interesting topics like :-

Types of Hacking

Types of Cyber Attacks

Ways to avoid Mobile Attacks

Some Hidden Hackers

How you can be safe on Social Media

and many more


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