Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee – the latest literary star of West Bengal

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Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee

Sumana was born at a small town of Bankura, West Bengal. She did her Masters in English Language and Literature from Burdwan University.A chirpy girl who always dreamt to write a book of her own .Her first published book Life Thorough my Eyes is available at all leading online sites like Amazon.A bubbly housewife teacher and an upcoming author. She believes in simplicity. Her mantra is Dream big Work Hard stay humble.

Live, Love And Laugh

Today is far from what was yesterday. The mindset of individuals and their morals, values and beliefs has been dictated by the world we live in and have so much drastically changed. Despite how far we still believe as a society we have come. The human experience is pretty much the same living in the land under the sun. We’re stuck in the vortex of extreme hostility towards certain races of humanity. Life is manifested through our existence, makeup and validity. We’re all individually endowed with unique and special gifts and abilities. We must act and treat one another with love, acceptance and with utmost humility. We’re all equally and divinely created from a powerful collaboration of grace, mercy and love from God who in the heavenly alignment reigns and resides. This blessings of the earth is ours to delight and be totally enlightened spiritually, mentally and physically which empowers us to pursue, obtain and achieve all the success and happiness that makes and shapes the essence of yours and others life. Be appreciative of what you have every single day and moment you’re blessed to see and experience. Gratefully give back to magnify your true destiny. Live, love and laugh daily without resentment.

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