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Spitty, a Canadian rapper hits a mark of 40k+ streams on his recent album “Full Circle” in less than a week

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Spitty, a Canadian music artist crossed a benchmark of 40K+ streams on his recent album entitled “Full Circle” in less than a week of the Album launch. The music album “Full Circle” comprises of 12 songs showcasing the talent of few more artists as well. Spitty was born in Jacksonville Florida, USA in August 1995 and later shifted to Brampton in Canada.

He graduated from Western University with a BSc in Computer Science. His educational background has nothing to do with his music though and was more of his back-up plan. He started making and releasing music at age 16, and properly got into it at age 22 in 2018. No doubt! Passion along with dedication towards it is something that leads a human being ahead in life. Music has been Spitty’s passion and along with time, slowly and gradually he started working on his passion and gave a new direction to his music. 

Spitty’s main genre in Music is hip hop and rap with a little bit of R&B and trap sprinkled in. “Full Circle” which is his recent hit with 12 different songs in the album and collaboration with different artists was released on 21st September completed more than 40 thousand streams. Featured artists in the album were album Young Manny, Jarin Alab, zContent Mrii, Ameerah, Khalifa, Kadiri, Lush Lightyear, DJ Nazzy and Elisha. Full Circle is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Saavn, Tik Tok, IG Reels & more.

There were large variety of instruments used on this album along with several Indian samples that tie the music back to his roots (his parents belong to Gujarat, India and hence Indian music makes him connected to the Indian music). There was also an interesting use of flutes and other woodwind instruments that create unique sounds throughout the album. The lead single 24 makes use of very electronic-European production which would be perfect for raves. Meanwhile the last song Speed of Life uses church bells and dark tones to take you through the full journey of life.

You can check out the album “Full Circle” and enjoy grooving on the music. Now that you know the story behind the music and which instruments were used in the album, you will feel more connected while listening to the songs. You will understand where the instruments were used if you hear it with a little more observation.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Spitty’s album “Full Circle” and cheer yourself up and give treat to your ears!

You can connect with Spitty on –


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