Saumya Kinnari Kartik Dalal aka Poet Somu has proves that age is just a number

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Saumya Kinnari Kartik Dalal aka Somu is a 12 year old wonder kid from Mumbai. He has written 108 poems and 60 were featured in his book Meri Parchai Meri Kavitayen. He is identifying capable writers inside his friends and giving them a wonderful chance in his anthologies. His more than fifty school friends did debut in his anthologies.

As the saying goes, “Age is just a number” and it is proven by a wonder kid, a 12-year-old boy Mst. Saumya Kinnari Kartik Dalal studying in 7th grade in Kapol Vidyanidhi International School, Kandivali West, Mumbai. He lives in a Hindu Gujarati joint family. Everyone calls him Somu.

As we know, many kids are addicted to mobile games and web series in this lockdown. But Saumya is different. He grabbed an opportunity to enrich his writing skills. He started his writing career on 8th December 2020 at the age of 11years, 6th grade, when he submitted his first write-up for an anthology. Gradually his interest developed in this field and he kept writing. It had now become his hobby. Saumya has written 108 poems in lockdown and his best 60 poems were published in his first solo book मेरी परछाई मेरी कविताएँ (means My Shadow My Poems) published by Ink Zone Publication on 26th January 2022. This was his hard work of one whole year. In this book 2 Gujarati, 18 Hindi & 40 English poems were published. He has participated as a co-author in 85 anthologies and 5 open mic events. He works with many publication houses like The Little Booktique Hub, JEC publication, Peaceful Writers International, Humrooh Publication, UBI Publication, Ink Zone Publication and so on. He has compiled two anthologies, ‘Our Thoughts’ And ‘Young Wings Fly High’ under The Little Booktique Hub Publication. His third anthology under the same banner as compiler ‘Poetries From Heart’ is also going on. His main aim to compile these anthologies is to give an opportunity to his school friends of grades 5th to 10th.

He is identifying capable writers inside his friends and giving them a wonderful chance in his anthologies. His more than fifty school friends did debut in his anthologies. He feels that one day his writer friends become compilers and authors of great epics. He is inspired by the quote, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

His pen down name is Saumya Kinnari Kartik Dalal, in the middle name he included his mother’s name with his father’s name. He believes that the mother is the most important person in everyone’s life. Now it’s become a trend among co-authors and they are following the way Saumya writes his name.

He thinks that a person needs positive thinking and a creative mind to succeed. Watching movies and playing video games entertains you, but it is a waste of time. As per him, “A writer thinks in both ways – positive and negative. A writer’s thought and imagination contain the capability to find light within the darkness. A writer’s one good thought can enlighten the world.”

He says that whatever he has achieved is all because of the guidance of his parents and teachers. He is extremely thankful to the publication houses who gave him an opportunity to publish his write-ups. He feels that he is not a writer or author, he just inks the paper with his thoughts. Also, He believes that learning is a lifetime process and he wants to be a student forever. 


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