Safarnama by Janhavi Bhat is a journey of life which goes through various phases | Review by Polomy Joseph

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Safarnama By Janhavi Bhat | Book Review by Polomy Joseph

आपका साथ तो बस एक ख्याल था
लेकिन हम भूल गए थे
मन्नत हमने टूटते तारे से मांगी थी |

“Safarnama” is a journey of life which goes through various phases.
It holds a collection of poems that are written in Hindi with a tough of Urdu wordings which makes the poems even more beautiful.
The Poetess Janhavi Bhat has poured her heart out.
The poems are filled with various emotions of life.
They begin with the excitement feeling of meeting someone special and proceeds with the expression of love until the reality is met.

Initially I could feel the story is being narrated in the form of poetry as the first few poems seems to be inter-related.
But then I could witness the beauty of uniqueness.
Each poem stand out expressing itself in such a way that it gives soothing feeling to the person who is reading them.

This poetry collection is extremely beautiful.
Readers can enjoy the feeling of love, the sweet pain of waiting for the special one, excitement for next meet, hoping to feel the same old days and realizing the fate.
The poems do not just concentrate on emotions but bring out the journey of life as a whole where the paths are different yet destination being the one.

The writing style of the poetess is impressive.
As the poems are written in various stages of life, they depict the change of seasons and change of behavior as well.
While bringing out the change, it is taken care that the readers do not disconnect themselves.
Personally I could find a story hidden in these poems and the most impressive part of this poetry book is that it encourages every reader to live a story of their own in-between the lines.

How beautiful it is to stay immortal the form of poetry?
The relationship of love and Poetry is too deep that one completes another just like how a person completes another making the life colorful which might have remained faded.
The theme of poems is mature which often brings readers close to life, to feel the surroundings and beauty of nature and most important this book reminds us to take a journey being aware of the destination.

This book proves to the best gift for someone who loves poetry.
A reader can enjoy this on weekend with a cup of coffee & enjoy the beauty of poems.
Janhavi Bhat’s writings enjoy a massive readership of 63k plus.
I suggest readers to pick this book without fail to experience the joy of Hindi Literature.
The language is beginner friendly too hence it is potential to reach wide audience.
I instantly fell in love with the Cover and Title that grabs the readers attention and the content made me admire Poetess even more.
Highly recommended to everyone.


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