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From dwelling into fantasy, fiction or crime-fiction books; reading and writing has been a part of Divya’s world. By learning the art of writing and conveying the emotions in an unscripted way or letting someone know it’s alright to feel the way they want. It was never easy to write and start with. But they say, ‘try till you succeed.’ the mantra that worked. Since then, it’s been quite a journey.

Being in a background of lawyers and hospitality management, she chooses accounting as a profession while writing as her passion. And still defines her belief that writing will always console the mind of a troubled person when the mind is a mess.

Writing never felt like a dream come true until she felt the urge to make her writing and poems be known. Let the world be part of her words.  Be part of someone’s reading. Being a co-author to the first anthology book was a step closer to achievements. As a big dream is still awaited.

Online writing platforms such as Wattpad have been a great boon, as she challenged from writing her fiction to shaping her emotion into words. Writing on wattpad was a great boost and a challenge taker, as she was encouraged by many to dwell on some emotions and choose to display a character. Enacting a story is however fantastic. She moreover choses poetry as her note. As she made her fist eBook debut on Wattpad, which was chosen for Wattysindian poem for 1st round. 

Fiction writing too has been shaping the imagination levels, as she was keenly reading many eBooks regarding many themes, which was a great inspiration. Books series like Harry Potter, Lords of Rings, the Magicians, the Night circus and many more were a boon. 

Authors like Michael Conelly, JK Rowling, Patricia Cornwell, Dan Brown, Jane Austen, Vish Dhamjia will be the motivation to keep reading and writing always. Crime and Mystery will always be the favorite section to read in. While books like The monk who sold his Ferrari, Who will cry when you die – will give the motivation for a dull day to cheer up.

Given a boost, she opted for more anthologies in 2020, she proudly owns 10 such books to her bucket. And has written for several competitions on online platforms, such as Queen of my adobe. Unconditional: Pets over peeps, If I were God and few more.

She also does content writing for a mental health blog since 2021 which targets to reach people and spread awareness for mental health care. One can check her works in Which recently was named as Sahai.

Growing in her passion she balanced her professional life as well, graduating in the field of accounting and finance from Mumbai university. She started off by interning until the pandemic hit off. She bragged about a job as an analyst in a top working MNC lately.

Apart from current works and settings, she looks for being a published poet and published author. Also editing/writing/accepting challenges will be part of hard work which will frame one’s talent.

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