Purva S. Upadhyay – When you decide no one can stop you

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“When you decide no one can stop you”

Hii, i am Purva s. Upadhyay born and brought up in gujarat. Did school in my home town and go for futrther studies at ahmedabad.

Did a bsc nursing by chance at once i literally did not know what is nursing but slowly understand that it is a privilege work to do.

After completing i work in the hospital of ahmedabad in cancer department. As working in cancer department there is so much ups and downs because actually we are not allowed to attached with anyone but yes its our natural nature that we connect with patients and when they left that hurt so much.

After i left the hospital and now working in a college as a tutor and educate the nursing students.

As a teacher i love to teach them such beautiful things and also motivate them and teach them a life goals and motivate them.

I introdure my self a writing in lockdown. I explore my many capabilities like drawing, writing and photography.

I write since 3 years and its been long way to publish my own poetry book. During that period also suffering from an anxiety attack and it been worst day by day as i having an migraine.

Slowly i started reading. Lockdown is the best i read as much as i can and also explore my writing that i can write too. Just need courage to start. 

Then i started to give words to my anxiety and slowly slowly it fade away. Not every time but yes it goes away. As a nurse i know how to deal with it and i started my own therapy to get over it and you know what it work..

When i write all this poetry i never ever thought to published it but yes dream publishers give me a chance to live my dream. As i suffer most so i decide to motivate people and give them a chance to love their self.

This is my frist book as a solo author related to motivation and self love. I hope you like it and thank you everyone for making this dream come true. And lets celebrate the new beginnings.

For me writing is a “words of soul that you embroid in paper.”


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