Purbasa Banerjee – Born To Shine

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That’d be eerie if you say I never had journey of my life which won’t be acceptable. No, Nada.

Everyone shares a journey or possesses a journey either queer or solid. That defines and differentiates selves and individuals from one another you believe it or not or maybe you are ready with logical, philosophical answers.  

So does the girl.

Her teary-eyed face is a reminder of her “how it all began apparently”. She abhorred schools and meeting friends except her mother and the family. She thought she was going out of her cozy, comfortable and predominantly safest palace, her home. But she adopted instead of all her pain and tears every day. She let her mother suffer because of her lack of acceptance of leaving her mother suddenly when she maybe wasn’t ready or she was never ready as she felt and feels her house is the next best place after her mother and family. She tried to adjust and eventually she became the biggest fan of schools and needed long counseling to be apart from it. See!! Her attachment with anything so deeply and emotionally is indefinable. 

She not just adopted schools one after the other she also loved schools terribly to its extreme. Now where subjects are concerned she undoubtedly enjoyed each one until she sensed extra affection towards one subject highly which was English. She did well in all and in few great but in one subject the greatest among all. Truly got attention of all the English Teachers and the excitement in her eyes for any aspect of that subject was incredible. Talk about Poems, recitation, songs, writing, exams, reading, spelling competitions, speaking, speech, listening, every phenomenon of it gave her Goosebumps and the anticipation made her decide her path of life, what she want to be later in her life after schools, college and universities. Shockingly, she had no second thought since her school days commenced. She was entirely into the subject. And that made her go for long happily and peacefully. Understandable she participated in so many things and been bestowed with appreciation and love and awards and what not. Those were her days when she experienced a free, lively, life with all its wild desires.

She went with it in her higher studies as well with all her aspirations and expanded maybe along with many hurdles and sufferings that without doubt begins when you enter an alternate world called “teenage stage” and “early adult stage” to some extent. That hardcore smell, her obstacles and journey from there which she couldn’t express at that moment which is literally normal to most of the teenagers, vehemently arrived to her. The changes in her physically, mentally, the reality check, the people around her, the agony which although made her badly miserable but she fought alone bravely with the support of her family. She kept nurturing all of it she took in her since she was a little girl.

In addition, she left her that cozy, comfort zone, her sweet home to sail through different places to explore her love of life, her subject English Literature and Language. Unbelievably the place she chose was too much away from her secure heaven. She didn’t give up. She faced and resisted and got what she wanted and with that many more gifts of her struggle. She discovered things and dug into new, unique things and established herself in so many lines which cannot be defined in one go. Much more awards, certificates, appreciation, experience and on the top the knowledge she gained!

She became a writer, a singer, so much more, in one word an artist or precisely one.

Her real life came in when she began her the most important, intense journey, her job life where she received responsibilities, rewards, respect from her students and her first ever earning from her hardworking. That was all together a whole new world, a brave new world for a woman like her, something indescribable. She continued her artistic world too with her work life. Moreover, her student life also harmonized with the work scenario. She became online tutor and Ielts trainer and made sure she connects herself with foreign universities simultaneously. 

Her being all rounder creates the natural, actual her. She cannot be defined, told, spoken for, described et al. but yes she can be criticized, unloved, abandoned as she can always stand alone. She and her journey are pretty much beyond belief which never can be penned down in an article or a piece of paper or in writings. She is a lot more than just mono societal term or expectations.

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