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Punjabi Musical Artist Sunny Kamboz: Evaluating success of songs by views is not right

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sunny kamboz

Sunny Kamboz, who rose to fame with his Punjabi song “Fake Bande,” recently slammed those who judge the goodness of music by views.

 In the era of viral moments, and trending reels, the focus has shifted to the number of views over music quality in today’s music industry, feels Sunny Kamboz , whose real name is Satinder Singh.

 “The only change I want is for people to give importance to sounds and invest some time in listening and supporting what is really excellent. Just releasing anything and everything won’t take the industry to another level,” says Sunny Kamboz.

 He continues, “We need to pay special attention to the quality, so that the artist’s talent continues to stay alive. I still listen to some songs which were released in the 90s. Ajj Da Sangeet Oh Sakoon Nahi De Reha”.

 What makes you say that?

 “In today’s world, the focus is not on making music which can surpass the test of time, and not even on quality. Bas Log Jo Mun Vich Aunda Likh Rahe Ne Te Ga Rahe Ne,” says the Sunny Kamboz, who set his foot in the music industry with (Punjabi Power 2021).

 But the Sunny Kamboz blames no one for the degrading quality of modern music. “No one is at fault here since so much music is being released, every week around 100 songs come out. Aur Ajj Sirf Gana Ajj Kal Ek War Soun Ke Banda Chad Dinda Ha ,” says Sunny Kamboz.

 Explaining his point, the Singer-musician said, “It is the age of reel trends, songs are getting popular owing to it. Creating a song from scratch, and giving shape to the ideas is not any simple task. But the talented artists are not getting back value for the same hard work in today’s music industry.

 Sunny Kamboz set his foot in the pop music industry with Punjabi Power in 2021. His song “Fake Bande ” got huge success and gave his career a good start. Sunny Kamboz is busy working on his upcoming project that is likely to be out soon.


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