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Pronit Mitra: “Dream isn’t just about just weaving it but passionately follow it till the time it doesn’t get completed”

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“Dream isn’t just about just weaving it but passionately follow it till the time it doesn’t get completed”

Pronit Mitra, a supertalented, multiple instruments player guy, was born on 27 june 2001 in Kolkata.

The most intellectual part of his life is to be self-taught, acoustic & electric guitarist, his skills to use a guitar as a percussion as well as a stringed instrument defines how passionate he’s towards his dream.

He started his life in musical world in 2012.
Although, he is not just good at guitar but also superb at putting his fingers across harmonium, piano, Cajon, bongo, congo, melodica , and many more.

Apart from his interest into instruments, He is damn good at singing.
He has sung so many covers songs so far and currently his upcoming official song is “Gunah Kiya” which is going to release very soon.
He has always put up a great impact on people through his musical world.
We expect his this upcoming song,will also broaden across the world.

Talking about “Gunah Kiya”,
It’s a Pop music.Music, lyrics and Master Mixing has been done by JJ VYCK.
The song is all revolving around a boy, asking for a cause to be ditched by his lover.
Pronit’s wholehearted efforts in the song adding cherry to the cake.

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